SAP Indonesia Regarding Definition, Modules and Benefits

SAP Indonesia Regarding Definition, Modules and Benefits

SAP is now widely used in Indonesia by various companies. In carrying out a variety of company activities, company officials usually choose to use a good system rather than using a lot of labour so they can spend a lot of money to pay for it. Besides being able to spend a lot of money, not necessarily the results are also good because humans may not always be right.

However, many do not understand about SAP itself. SAP is one application or software which can perform a variety of company operations properly.

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For more knowledge about SAP Indonesia, the following is a complete explanation:

What is SAP?

Before stepping into a deeper discussion, it would be better if you know in advance what SAP is. SAP is one application or software that can be used to carry out a company’s operations which have various divisions that must be integrated.

SAP itself is an abbreviation of System Application and Processing. From its extension, you might have understood about SAP itself. Yes, an application system that can carry out an operational process to facilitate company operators in producing compact and integrated data.

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With this, adjustments can be made in various fields and become easier in the conclusion and also easier in determining policy.

SAP Business One Indonesia

Use of SAP in the Indonesian Business World

In the world of business and also companies especially in Indonesia, SAP is also often used in various ways. For example, is SAP for distribution companies and also manufacturing companies SAP which has a very complex operational system. Just imagine if it is done manually it is possible that various companies will not run smoothly.

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By using SAP, all fields in the distribution and manufacturing companies can integrate various data so that an appropriate adjustment can be made. Of course, with SAP the transparency of data can be done and will reduce the occurrence of fraud committed by some irresponsible persons.

Overview of Content from SAP Indonesia

SAP used to contain only one module which can be used effectively in several fields, but still cannot be integrated from various fields. And now SAP has many modules that can be used for various fields so that integration can be done very easily.

The picture is, if a company has different division branches especially different regions then if a division or one of the regions has made changes to the data then in other divisions or in other areas also updated so that all company journeys can be directly seen and can be directly changed automatically.

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With a system like this, the adjustment will also be better. With the above case, the division that gets a change in data can then directly adjust the changes to the policy that will be made. With this, many companies choose to use SAP applications instead of using manual labour which may not be as good as the system.

Modules Owned by SAP

SAP Indonesia currently has many modules that can be used for many things. Modules have various solutions and also manage various functions within the company. SAP has many modules to adjust the various divisions in the company that also vary so that it can be used in accordance with the functions and uses.

There are a number of modules that you can use in your company, the first is FICO or the extension is Financial Controlling or if in the Indonesian language is financial or financial control. So, this module is useful for financial control.

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Furthermore, there are SD or Sales and Distributors, which have functions in settings that can be utilized by the marketing team and also to process data and also by distributors in the use of products to customers.

There is also MM which stands for Material Management which is used to manage all kinds of raw materials that will be used to make products. There is also PP which stands for Production Planning which is one of the modules used to carry out a production plan.

In addition, there is an HR or Human Resources module that can help in finding workers that are in accordance with company qualifications. And there is also a PM or Plant Management that serves to regulate the growth of a company so that it is better than now.

Use of SAP for Beginners

For beginners, SAP Business One starter package prices are very relative. Some consider it cheap and some consider it expensive. Beginners who already have the basic skills learned from the company may feel cheaper. In contrast to people who do not have a basis at all will be very expensive because you have to attend various training in order to get knowledge of the use of SAP.

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You can get an SAP Business One package that contains a lot of modules that you can use all of them. By using SAP Business One package, you no longer need to search for various modules or instructions according to division because they are already in one package.

Functions of SAP in the Company

As explained at the outset that SAP is very functioning to carry out the integration of various divisions within the company. You can also collaborate using SAP only to get maximum results in integration.

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Benefits of Using SAP

The benefits are numerous, which can increase the speed of business, maintain the performance of the company to remain excellent, provide transparent information to employees.


At present, the use of SAP Business One partner Indonesia is very good and now almost all companies use it. With the convenience offered, businesses choose to use SAP to save time, save labour, be transparent, and many other benefits.

You can start by signing in to a company that uses SAP and learning to be with the experts there so you can become a professional. However, besides that, you can attend various SAP training or seminars so you can use it smoothly. However, this kind of training will indeed cost more.

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SAP Indonesia is one of the software used to perform various operations in a company. Companies that have high complexity require an application or software in the form of SAP so that it can be well integrated and produce a unified report or data even with different divisions.