Stands for SAP and Various SAP Modules

Stands for SAP and Various SAP Modules

SAP is one application that is made to carry out management in a company so that all matters and problems that are very complex become one of the things that are easy to do because they are united and work together to produce a complete result.

If you often hear the word about SAP, you may also often wonder what SAP stands for? So, SAP stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing which becomes one application that is often used in various companies. For more details, please read the ones below:

Understanding SAP

As has been said earlier that SAP stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing. But easier understanding is an application that really helps companies in carrying out various activities.

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The work is divided into various workers who have been specialists so that it can make it complicated for managerial writing. Therefore, by using SAP, you can immediately get money.

However, for companies whose outs are too large then you also use the SAP Business Hanna type, not much different from SAP in general, although for small companies but also equipped with various SAP ERP modules that can be learned easily and also quickly.

SAP Modules

SAP module is one of the guidelines for conducting or operating SAP applications. Even in small and medium-sized companies, there is also SAP Business One which also has a guide in doing various things in the company using this application so that it will facilitate its processing.

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SAP Business One also has an SAP Business One module that can be utilized in carrying out application operations to correct and reduce user errors. However, actually you can choose SAP Indonesia Partners who also provide specific knowledge about how to use the application so that it is not only from the module.

SAP Business One Indonesia

For those of you who are curious about what modules can be obtained when buying SAP from a company? Here are some SAP module reviews:

  1. Administration Module

    In this module, you will be given a number of lessons regarding system setup that aims to reset the system, authorization, currency exchange rate, notifications, even to be able to export and also import your company’s business data.

    So all data can be administered properly through this one module. You can learn from zero to advanced in using SAP applications more proficiently by using the module.

  2. Financial Module

    The next is the financial module which is certainly related to the financial or financial sound of a company or business. This module has the function to manage and also manage all data included in accounting and all financial statements from various parts of the company.

    In addition, the SAP application software on this one can exercise control over every incoming and outgoing cost and how much revenue can be obtained at that time.

    In addition to regulating in the field of financial administration, the financial module also contains about how this software can calculate profits or net profits from the company transparently without any third person interference.

  3. Modul Sales Oppurtunities

    Modul yang satu ini juga berfungsi sebagai alat untuk menunjukkan para tim bagian penjualan atau sales dalam proses mengelola dan juga menganalisis semua informasi yang masuk pada internal perusahaan dan juga sekaligus bisa digunakan untuk membuka suatu peluang dalam penjualan di perusahaan.

  4. Sales Oppurtunities Module

    This one module also functions as a tool to show the sales team in the process of managing and also analyzing all information that enters the company internally and at the same time can be used to open an opportunity for sales in the company.

  5. A / R Sales Module

    If you already know SAP stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing, then you can find out the Sales A / R module. What’s the difference with the sales opportunity module? the difference is that this module can be used in all aspects of the product sales process.

    This usually includes the business of shipping sales, even if the customer is not satisfied and the company made the slightest mistake can also be returned to the responsibilities of the Sales R / A team.

  6. Banking Module

    If you have known the various administrative and financial functions have been discussed, then for all financial transaction problems in your business field, it can be handled directly by using this module.

    So, you don’t need to bother checking one-on-one all transactions because the system has done well.

  7. Inventory Module

    In a business enterprise, certainly, a variety of artificial products will all be distributed and marketed. Usually also every company does not only produce one or two products so that in stock must be very frightening. If the market wants a large amount, the company must also adjust the opposite.

    So, with this module, you can check warehouse, stock, price lists, alternative items, special prices, warehouse transactions and packaging. This module also functions in making packaging more efficient by using serial numbers, codes, or others.

  8. Business Partner Module

    This module will also store all data entered as partners or Vacancies SAP ERP Business one, suppliers, customers, and even prospective customers so that it will be very easy to serve. They can record their market needs and from business, companies can provide as needed.

    In addition, everything recorded in the data will benefit because the stock has been prepared directly by the company without asking for return.


With the various things mentioned above, you will definitely understand more about some things about what SAP is, how the module is used to use SAP, and also made from other things. Many people who sell SAP software, but you must also be careful with the service because if not it will get a big loss.

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Choose sellers who do use a lot and have positive testimonials so you can get a good SAP application and function according to your needs.

From some of the above, it can be concluded that Sap stands for System Application and Product in Data Processing which is one application in the form of software that can perform a variety of management of many matters so that it becomes a transparent, synergic, and efficient information.