Stands for SAP to the Importance of Using SAP Business One

Stands for SAP to the Importance of Using SAP Business One

SAP applications are used by many companies. This application was created by five former IBM employees. This SAP was first released in 1979 under the name SAP R / 2. Until now SAP software has developed rapidly. So it’s not wrong if this one software is trusted by hundreds of companies. Actually, what does this sap stand for, why is it important to use this sap by companies? Here is the review.

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Understanding and stands for SAP

SAP, which stands for System Analysis and Product in Data Processing, is an application that has the benefit of processing data used by a company to manage the company’s resources. This makes SAP used to achieve the ideals of a company. Initially, this SAP is an application made by SAP AG in Germany. But now SAP is growing very rapidly both in terms of quality and in terms of the number of users.

Modules available in SAP

This SAP application consists of various modules. SAP modules are tailored to the needs of the company. Lots of corporate modules that can be done by SAP. What are those? Among them namely sales distribution (SD), Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Quality Management (QM), Plant Maintenance (PM), Human Resources Management (HRM), Financial Accounting (FI), controlling (CO), Asset Management (AM), and Project System (PS). Each of these SAP modules has their respective functions and duties.

For example, the SD module has a function to assist in increasing the efficiency of operational activities of a company that is closely related to the name of the process of managing customer orders. This customer order consists of the sales, shipping and billing process. Then there is the MM module. This SAP module has a function to help companies run the purchasing process as well as inventory management. The third module is the PP module. This PP module aims to help companies in the process of planning to control of production activities.

The next module function is the QM module. This SAP module serves to help companies check quality in each logistics chain. The fifth module is the PM module. The PM module aims to be a solution to the administration process and the technical system improvement of the company. The next module is called the HR module. This SAP module functions to integrate the entire HR process in a company.

The seventh function of the module, named FI, is to cover everything regarding accounting standards for cash management, consolidation and general ledger. The last module is the CO module. SAP module is a module that covers everything about cost accounting both from cost centre accounting to profitability analysis.

The importance of SAP Applications for companies

SAP applications have modules that are highly integrated. This causes the data processing to be easier. Where if there is a change in data in a module, the other related modules will adjust it automatically. In this way, the company is very likely to get reports or accurate information in a faster time or better known as real-time processing.

Another important thing for companies that use SAP applications is that there is very clear data transparency. Why is that? Because in this SAP application everyone who is involved in the process of managing the company will be able to see thoroughly about the data being processed and even data that is inputted by others.

That is some things about the extension of SAP to the importance of this SAP application for companies. It can be concluded that this SAP application is very important in the development of the company. So it’s good for companies to use SAP application consulting services. This is to facilitate the company in implementing this complicated SAP application. Currently in Indonesia there are already many SAP consulting services. One of the best in Indonesia is a consultant from STEM. This is evidenced by the many awards that STEM gets as well as STEM’s entry into the list¬† sap gold partner.

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