What is SAP? Understanding and Importance of SAP in the Company

Apa itu SAP Business One? Pengertian, Penggunaan, dan Pentingnya SAP dalam Perusahaan

At present, the running of a company really needs a lot of important elements, so it needs something that becomes a management tool that is very easy to use but can still manage all matters related to the sustainability of the company. One of the tools to manage various company affairs is SAP. Maybe for those of you who are still lay wondering what SAP is not?

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SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing)

To find out what SAP is, then here we will discuss a few things about the understanding of SAP itself and will discuss other SAP, so you can understand about SAP as a whole. Here are some complete explanations:

Extensions and Understanding of SAP

The first thing you have to know about SAP is what is from its extension first. SAP stands for System Application and Processing which in Indonesian means system and processing applications. What do you mean? This SAP is an application or commonly called the SAP Software which has the function of managing existing systems at the company and how to process the sustainability of a company and business.

SAP is an application that can integrate various needs and various relationships in company operations and business. SAP is considered to be a very helpful tool because various matters relating to company operations are integrated with just one software so that the settings will also be easier compared to using manual methods.

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By using SAP as well, everything that becomes the company’s operations becomes transparent so that all those involved in the company’s operations in the SAP field become aware of and can carry out strict supervision so that ordinary companies run well.

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Regarding Various Issues About SAP

SAP itself has been explained above is an application in the form of software. SAP is an ERP application. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning while SAP ERP is a system of integration aimed at supporting all activities related to company operations.

ERP is tasked with integrating everything related to the company easily and quickly so that they can do a good and right collaboration. With true and effective cooperation, it will produce a good result and can advance the company quickly.

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That is what makes ERP an extremely important tool for companies. The use of ERP also makes it easier for a company’s work to be done automatically to do an integration. ERP applications have been used by many companies including companies in Indonesia. Many companies and businesses have moved to use SAP.

General Use of SAP

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What is SAP, of course, you have more understanding, not about the sap itself and its abbreviation? Yes, SAP stands for System Application and Processing, which is one application that is used by many companies to carry out integration or connect into a variety of very complex corporate problems. And can not be done or difficult to solve in manual ways without using SAP software itself.

In Indonesia, SAP was used for the first time for manufacturing companies which were done around 1990. SAP Indonesia was first used by Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia and Indofood. With several large companies that have used SAP, now small, medium, and other large companies are following in their footsteps using SAP.

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At present, there are many companies that have used SAP to run the company’s operations. Increasingly here, all companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of SAP in managing a company especially large companies. Of course, the company’s problems will be more diverse. Now SAP has become one of the tools used by companies in Indonesia from small to large companies.

SAP in a Corporate Business Environment

As explained above, SAP is one part of the running of a company so it becomes very important to use. By using an integrated module, SAP can print companies to always synergize, and integration is what makes data processing easier.

SAP has a very good function, which when there is a change in a module, the other modules can also adjust so that the job in printing the correct report will be easier without having to fiddle around with it manually, even this is a very big risk. cause errors and are very, very ineffective in use.

Importance of SAP for Corporate Sustainability

As we know beforehand that SAP is very important for companies to integrate various modules so that they can be unified. However, more than that, the use of SAP makes a lot of advantages so it is very important for its use.

In its use, SAP Business One can provide real-time processing where all processes can be done directly anywhere. Because SAP is integrated so if there is a change in one module then the other modules will also change automatically. With that automatic change, so the process can be directly seen at that time without having to wait for some more time to see the results.

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However, this automatic replacement by SAP must meet the conditions under which the use of its data source must be a single entity or use the same data source, otherwise, it will be useless because it will not have any effect.

Furthermore, by using SAP gold partners, you can provide transparent data to the officers who enter and are involved in this matter. so that when there is a change of data all users can detect and can be accessed easily, in addition, with transparency like this, if there is a user who is cheating then it can be seen directly, therefore frauds like this can be overcome.


SAP (System Application and Processing) is one application that is often considered an accounting application but is actually a more complex application which is used by company owners to carry out a business integration which of course would be very complicated if done manually.

After you know what SAP is, then you should look for SAP Indonesia partners so the company can run smoothly. Without using SAP, you and your company crew and employees will be diligent in handling the system in the company. It might be possible, but the risks and costs that will be incurred will be very much let alone have to recruit more workers. Hopefully, this information is useful for you and everyone.

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