What is SAP and its Benefits for Companies in Indonesia

Apa Itu SAP dan Manfaatnya Bagi Perusahaan di Indonesia

SAP is a program or software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) in an enterprise. The SAP Indonesia program or system is a necessity for companies to support better business process management. The SAP program is made by a German company and the largest software company in Europe. The role of SAP Indonesia is needed in helping to market and provide information about SAP products in Indonesia.

In general, the SAP program is an integration of the programs needed by all companies:

  • Purchasing and Stock
    Management Provides access to accurate insights about incoming and outgoing shipments, item inventory levels, and item locations. Get real-time information, valuations, availability and price impact reports
  • Finance
    Automates accounting tasks and conducts financial / banking activities with one ERP solution. To further integrate financial operations with other business processes to accelerate transactions and improve cash flow.
  • Sales and customer service
    Manage / manage the entire sales process and customer status efficiently. So you can get an integrated view of your prospects and customers so you can better understand, understand and meet their needs.
  • Production
    Manage the formula of finished goods, calculate raw material requirements, calculate production costs in detail for each item, so that you can find out the cost of finished goods more accurately, including if there are resources needed

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SAP Business One Indonesia

Benefits of using the SAP Indonesia program for the company

The SAP system, designed and built, takes into account the best habits of the business processes that exist from many companies throughout the world, so that makes it functionally available, fully integrated between the parts of the process. Starting from the process of purchasing goods, receiving goods, managing stock of goods, payment of debt, sales, to the management of financial and accounting data.

Another benefit of SAP Indonesia is that because the SAP program is integrated, it increases data control. So everyone will be connected to the same data. Data that is inputted by one person, can be seen or processed by another person, thereby minimizing data input errors as well. This will ultimately increase internal efficiency, and also increase customer satisfaction.

Thus all aspects of the company’s performance will increase and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.
This SAP system is ready to use, and has been used by many companies throughout the world and in Indonesia, so that it has proven reliable.

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What is SAP, ERP, and SAP Business One HANA?.

For the implementation of SAP Indonesia it is also easier to do. There are many open offers from local consulting companies that have or are currently developing. But the selection of SAP Indonesia partners in helping you implement the SAP Indonesia system, in your company is also very important.

One of the criteria for choosing a SAP Indonesia consulting company, which can help you, is that the company must not only understand the SAP program technically but also your business processes. This is very important so that you do not need to explain the business processes that occur within your company, but with the experience of consultants / partners from SAP Indonesia, they can provide input because of experience in similar industries. For example, your business in retail, you should look for SAP Indonesia implementation partners who are experienced in similar industries, namely retail.

Avoid partners from SAP Indonesia who always accept whatever you ask at the beginning of the agreement.

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