Benefits SAP Business One for Entrepreneurs SMES in Indonesia

Benefits SAP Business One for Entrepreneurs SMES in Indonesia

Are you the owner of a company or business? Maybe you often hear the term SAP (System Application and Product). SAP Business One is a software or application that many business activists use to integrate their businesses.

Get to know SAP Business One

This business management application from SAP is indeed very ideal for small and medium scale businesses. In addition, businesses in large companies are also suitable for applying the SAP Business One program for the needs of their divisions and subsidiaries.

The use of SAP Business One aims to further increase the control of small to medium sized businesses using software which is designed to grow together.

This SAP program can streamline all the company’s main processes, can open up complete information in the company’s business, as well as make all business decisions from real-time information. This will certainly increase the company’s profit growth.

This program has even been used by more than 30,000 users around the world. The advantage is the use of the cloud system for its application, the dissemination of information within the company becomes faster, and the integration of business intelligence.

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SAP Business One Solution for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Initially, users of the SAP program in Indonesia and globally were only for large companies or commonly referred to as Enterprise.

Seeing that there are currently more small and medium companies than large companies, SAP is finally targeting Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through an ERP product called SAP Business One.

SAP Business One was introduced for the first time in Indonesia in 2005, however, it was only known by many small entrepreneurs after three years of its launch.

Benefits of SAP Business One for MSMEs

With SAP Business One software that is applied to SMEs, of course it can provide progress and development for a business. Not only because this SAP can make it easier to control all business activities, but this software can minimize the occurrence of errors when inputting data.

Before you decide to work with SAP gold partner, here’s some of the benefits of SAP software for MSME business development that you must know, including:

1. Can View Stock and Sales Reports Easily

Every service or application related to this ERP system can make it easy for small and medium or micro businesses to make and manage real-time sales and inventory. Because incoming and outgoing goods can be managed and monitored easily.

2. Simplify the Addition of Product Items for Sale

If initially in a manual way, you have to make or write reports on adding products separately, but by using the ERP application entrepreneurs can fill out reports for adding product items sold, in just one application in one account.

3. Compile Transaction Data

Starting from ordering to receiving ordered goods, all transaction status can be recorded in detail, actual and complete in one SAP program. In addition, the process of printing transaction activity documents for partners can be done easily and quickly because this application is equipped with a goods receipt report and invoice printing feature.

4. Business Owners Can See Online Reports

The SAP Business One application is designed in such a way that it can be accessed real-time using an internet connection. Thus, it can help business people get business information whenever and wherever they are.

5. Minimizing Manual Reports

With the SAP system, it can minimize the occurrence of data input errors that are done manually. That way, it can increase the efficiency of business activities that occur in these MSMEs while increasing profits.

6. It doesn’t take long to implement

Because it has been integrated through various business operational features, the implementation of the SAP system does not take long. Data can be updated automatically when users input data through this SAP platform.

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Based on the explanation above, it can be concluded that SAP Business One is the right program for small and medium scale companies or MSMEs.

What is SAP Business One?