The Best Accounting Software that is Widely Used in Indonesia

The Best Accounting Software in Indonesia: Benefits and Software Recommendations

Accounting work is a job that is needed in building a business. This aims to be able to manage the business better. People who work as accounting are accountants. An accountant will really need accounting software that can speed up and ease his work. This can also improve the performance of the accountant. The best known accounting software, for example sap gold partner which can help solve problems faced by the company.

Accounting software is software that is specifically designed to facilitate work in various fields in the company so that it is more efficient and effective. The software is used to collect all forms of transactions so that it will produce the financial report forms needed by the company. This program is designed based on database management. Generally, the software is traded and the price is also relatively expensive. To reduce errors in the submission of financial reports, this program is urgently needed.

Benefits of Accounting Software

The main benefit of using accounting software is to classify and perform calculations quickly every transaction made by the company. Financial reports that can be generated by accounting software such as balance sheet reports, company profits and losses and final financial reports. If done manually it will be very time consuming to start collecting proof of payment, calculating and making reports. The thing that should be avoided by making financial reports is the error of entering numbers.

At least, using accounting software will minimize the number of input errors.

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Things To Consider In Choosing The Best Accounting Software

In choosing accounting software, you have to consider the application that exactly fits what is needed. These considerations will help you find the best software.

  1. As needed
    The first is to know what the company’s needs are. Every company has different needs, especially if the existing company has developed far. The more often these companies do a lot of financial transactions, the most important thing is to look for the accounting software features your company needs.
  2. Find out what budget you have
    Software prices are very diverse and competitive. In addition, there are several software that you can get for free but have limited features.
  3. Get to know the company accountant
    Before deciding to use accounting software, pay attention to the capabilities of accountants who work in the company. It will be a problem if you have an accountant staff that is difficult to operate the accounting software.
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4 Accounting Software Recommendations in Indonesia

Of course companies will really need accounting software and the most frequently used in Indonesia. It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each accounting software below:

1. Acosys Accounting

The most recommended accounting software is acosys accounting software. This software has been developed for a long time, namely since 1997 and there is a lot of support from acosys software users to help with their finances. There are more than 2500 users. It is important to consider customizable software. Another advantage of this software is that it can be used on windows, OS to linux. Every software or program must have shortcomings, namely the modules provided by the software are very few and limited.

2. Accurate Software

PT Cipta Piranti Sejahtera in 2000 developed accounting software that is accurate software. This program has been used by more than 300,000 users in 2017.
Accurate software is very suitable for use by companies that have several branch companies with many transactions from the company. This software can also be used for free.

3. Zahir Software

Zahir is a software for accounting. Zahir has several packages that companies or users can choose from, such as online and professional Zahir. The advantage is that there are many features offered, for example, to manage a warehouse and so on. This software was developed since 1996 and has been used by 30,000 users. The drawback of Zahir is that the price for this zahir license is quite expensive and difficult to use to calculate the hourly cost.

4. Abipro

Abipro is a recommendation from accounting software that has been around since 1985. The features offered are such as stock calculations, sales, inventory and so on. Another advantage is that it has a complete and easy-to-use module. The downside of Abipro is that it doesn’t come with an audit trail and is only supported by Windows.

These are the 4 recommendations for the best accounting software and the most frequently used in Indonesia.

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