Tips on Choosing The Right SAP Software

Tips Memilih Software SAP yang Tepat

What is SAP? SAP itself is one part of ERP software that is often used by various companies and businesses. When compared with the early days when SAP software was first introduced and only used by a few companies, this software can now be found in national and multinational companies.

In this software, there are modules that are needed by companies in the management to operational levels. Of the various modules, the modules considered as core modules include Finance (finance), Controlling (controlling), Material Management (raw material management), and Quality Management (quality management).

In addition to these core modules, there are also various other modules which are actually no less important. For example HCM or Human Capital Management, Production Planning, Project Systems, Sales Distribution, and so on.

In order for you to use SAP software optimally, you need to choose carefully. Because each company has different priorities. If you mistakenly choose SAP software, there will be various negative impacts that can arise. Moreover, the use of SAP does not cost a cheap fee.

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Therefore, so that you can choose and use SAP optimally to achieve company goals, consider the 4 important mistakes that need to be watched out for and avoided in choosing the right SAP software below:

Choose without a clear purpose

One of the main mistakes in choosing SAP software that you must be aware of is choosing without knowing what your company’s goals are. Because each company has different needs, you also need to choose SAP software that is in accordance with company needs. That way, you also know which SAP modules can be really useful – whether it’s the Finance, Controlling, Quality Management, or other modules.

Choose a Trusted SAP Software Provider

SAP is available as a software that is designed, created, and provided by the vendor. Therefore, the quality of the vendor itself will definitely greatly affect the quality of SAP that you will choose and use in the company, right? Thus, one of the main keys in choosing a good SAP software is also to consider the vendor factor that provides the software.

Besides that, actually your business as a client with the developer or software developer as a vendor is not only when you are going to buy the software needed, but also in the aspects of after-sales service to other technical assistance.

Therefore, you do not need to rush to choose SAP software because you also need to be careful in choosing the right vendor. Thus, if there are problems or difficulties that occur in the future related to software implementation, you will get the help needed from the vendor immediately.

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Don’t Know How to Use SAP Features

Mistakes that you need to be aware of and avoid are not only related to the appropriate SAP selection process but also mistakes that are internal within the company. One of them is ignorance in using features in SAP.

To avoid this mistake, evaluate the use of SAP’s main features and encourage management to make employees use SAP to the maximum. One way is to conduct training in the use of SAP, which is guided by consultants from vendors in the initial phase of implementing this software.

Underestimate the Training of SAP Vendors

The last mistake that is no less serious and needs to be avoided so that your company can use SAP software optimally is to underestimate the training program organized by SAP vendors. In fact, if your company is not too familiar with digital technology, the company will certainly have difficulty accepting and using SAP features that are indeed complex.

Therefore, the training provided by SAP vendors actually has a great benefit in maximizing SAP implementation in your company.


Those are the four important mistakes that you must be aware of and avoid in connection with the selection to the adoption of complex SAP systems within your company. By avoiding it, SAP implementation can run effectively and efficiently so that companies will be able to feel the benefits of SAP immediately!