What is SAP and its Benefits in the Business World?

what is sap and role in the business world

If you are not yet familiar with the term SAP, you must be asking questions what is SAP. Well, on this occasion, you can find what SAP’s reviews are about to help you get a clearer picture of the functions, usability, and benefits of this software for your company.

Getting to know SAP

Broadly speaking, SAP is a business application. And if explained specifically, SAP is a business application that is used to process data and the data is used by companies as part of efforts to manage their resources. And there is no doubt that the purpose of the resource management process is to achieve the company’s goals.

Before coming to Indonesia, SAP itself is an application that was first created and introduced by the SAP AG company from Germany. In this application, you can find various modules that are the main components, namely Finance (finance), Logistics (logistics), and Human Resources (human resources or HR).

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And of the three modules, there are still dozens of other sub-modules so that this software becomes a complex system. However, the complexity of SAP itself is intended to help a company’s system that is indeed complex.

If you conclude from the brief explanation of SAP what is above, you might also have concluded that SAP is a complex system, aka complicated. And one consequence of its complexity is the cost of implementing SAP is not small. Not to mention, the investment that needs to be spent by the company is not only related to the cost of purchasing SAP software but also includes the cost of installing or installing software in the company, to consultation. Then, there are still licensing fees that need to be paid annually.

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SAP Users

In general, SAP software users are business entities or companies. It’s just that, because the investment is not small in the adoption and implementation of SAP, in the end, large companies are more commonly found using this application, especially companies that are already global in scale. The same thing happened in Indonesia, where SAP software was first noted to be used in the 1990s.

What is the Role of SAP in the Business World

The integrated module arrangement in SAP not only makes this software can be used in synergy with one another but also can make managing company data easier. Moreover, the amount of data owned and processed by companies certainly does not amount to small or small.

Through this integration, changes to one data will certainly affect other related data automatically. This clearly will greatly assist companies in carrying out their daily activities more efficiently through time, energy and even cost savings. Because, users do not need to change hundreds of information if there is a change in data, right?

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Through this integration, processing in real-time also becomes very possible. Therefore, the effects arising from one data will affect other information relating immediately. This will clearly help the company in producing information or reports that are always accurate in a short time.

Another role that SAP has in the company is to support data transparency. Because the integration and synergy that is realized in the use of this one software are not only related to data and information that is processed and managed but among its users.

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Therefore, all information or data along with updates or changes can be seen by anyone in the company. Furthermore, this can also encourage performance efficiency, especially those that are cross-departmental in nature.

Well, that’s a summary of what SAP is about, users, and their roles and benefits in the business world in general and companies in particular. In Indonesia, SAP implementation has now begun to develop and not only reach big businesses such as conglomerates and multinational companies, but also other businesses at various scales and industry segments. This is certainly a positive signal that needs to be appreciated for the progress of the economy in Indonesia through its business actors.