Why The SAP Program is Fairly Expensive?

Why The SAP Program is Fairly Expensive

SAP is a software application about Enterprise Resource Planning or abbreviated as ERP. This application is very important for the sustainability of a company. Unfortunately, not all companies can make the most of this application. This is because the price of the SAP program is very expensive. Why is that? Here is a little review.

SAP implementation is very complicated

The first and foremost reason why the price of an SAP program is very expensive is because of its very complicated implementation. Although indeed to get this SAP software application can be free, but the implementation and implementation of the application are what makes the price of this SAP program expensive and can even be categorized very expensive.

So that customers who want to use this application, need help and guidance from those who have collaborated with SAP. Both those that are categorized as SAP Gold Partners or those that are categorized as premium partners.
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SAP implementation is a very complicated one of them when viewed from a corporate environment. Where to use it you will face various things. Like adjusting business processes with features available in SAP applications, there are conflicts or problems with certain parties who do not like the SAP application system to change the culture of the company that is difficult to change.

In terms of implementing the SAP program, it is also very complicated. Especially in the part of customizing SAP. Where to do this it is necessary to understand and apply business process design. Afterward, the system must be integrated.

It does not stop there, after integrating the system, it must match the name of the characteristics of standard software with the needs of the company. That’s just a handful of complications that will occur in using this SAP software.

So indeed SAP’s implementation is complicated in terms of its program and even its adaptation to the company environment.

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Due to this very high level of difficulty, companies that want to use this program need services that will help them to run this SAP program. At present many business partners have officially collaborated with SAP from Germany.

However, due to using the services of consultants in the SAP field. Of course, there are additional costs to get it.

If indeed the company really needs consulting services so that the SAP program runs well and as expected. Choose a consultant that is trusted and has integrity. Like Sterling Team (Steam) whose integrity should not be doubted. Seen from the awards that have been received to large companies that continue to believe in using the services of SAP consultants by STEM.

Diverse customer requests

The next reason is why SAP is so expensive is because of the addition of diverse customer requests, as explained in the first point. Namely, the application of SAP software is already very difficult. Then now it is added to the suitability of the company’s situation and the very diverse demands of customers.

Moreover, every field of the company must have its own characteristics. So the consultants also have to take into account the characteristics of the company and play the way how the SAP implications can be in accordance with the situation and requests from the company or in other words the customer.

To Implement the SAP Program Requires Requiring Adequate Devices

The third reason why implementing the SAP program is very costly is that in addition to paying for consultant services, the company must be able to ensure that existing computer devices can be used properly and smoothly in using this SAP program application.

Which is at least a computer that is used to be able to support this application is to have 2 processors that have speeds above 1 GHz, 4 GB of RAM and 200 GB hard drive.

Moreover, the computer equipment needed is of course not just one but certainly more than one. In addition, this computer device also needs to be maintained so that it continues to run well.

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Those are some reasons why the price of SAP programs is very expensive, although indeed, the costs incurred to use this SAP program are very expensive. However, SAP is very important for the company. Where the use of this program aims to accommodate all the needs of companies that are indeed many and very complex.