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If you are someone who owns a company or someone who works as a managerial part, of course you will very often deal with operational and managerial matters. Such as employee absences, buying and selling analysis and reports per day. Maybe for small-scale companies, this can still be handled manually, but it will be a problem if your company is getting bigger and requires high efficiency. For that you certainly need an official SAP consultant so that the tools you use are able to provide efficiency in company performance.

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What is SAP Business One?

SAP stands for System Application and Product In Data Processing. What is the function of SAP for a company? SAP itself is a software tool that is useful for operating the managerial part of a company. So SAP can be said to be a tool used to integrate various managerial companies.

Maybe many people think SAP is only used for large-class companies, even though companies like SMEs can use it because SAP can make the performance of a company more effective and efficient. You can get it only on SAP Business One Consultant.

SAP Business One also allows synchronization processes from the production, sales or distribution, supply, to crucial parts such as finance and of course the company’s management, from planning to operational management.

If you use SAP Business One, it can be said that your company no longer deals with small things because data synchronization is done automatically.
SAP Business One Indonesia

What is the function of SAP Business One?

As previously mentioned, SAP is useful for company optimization. For example, in the financial section, SAP Business One can be used to facilitate the work of the finance department in controlling activities related to accounting and banking.

SAP Business One also functions so that all activities related to company finances can be maximized and all transactions with partners or other parties are also maintained smoothly.

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Meanwhile, in the production control section, SAP Business One maximizes the monitoring function regarding when your stock runs out and synchronizes directly with the purchasing department to be able to immediately buy new stock. In addition, SAP Business One can also be useful for controlling this section in real-time and your staff does not need to manually input data which takes a long time.

Moreover, if all activities related to distribution have been displayed in a graphic, the managerial department can use it to check whether the product has been sold optimally from the customer aspect.

The key to the SAP Business One functionality in the finance section is also described by SAP Business One including financial reports, budget usage, accounting processes such as journal processing, reporting processes from banks to finance from branches.

For the sales department itself, the SAP Business One consultant also offers opportunity analysis, discount time analysis, profit calculation to SAP integration with Microsoft Office. Even the purchasing function of SAP Business One can make profit planning and down payment analysis.

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SAP Business One also allows you to work closely with the HR department in customer service efforts.

The use of SAP Business One is also very useful to ensure that the company’s stock price remains stable, especially since all data analysis needs can also be done with this software. You can get it only at the SAP Business One distributor.

You can use SAP Business One if your company really needs distribution, stock, and sales processes. For example, companies that work in the pharmaceutical sector that require raw materials for making drugs, sales reports to process analysis of future operational managerial plans.

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SAP Business One also allows the company’s operational processes to run more and more transparently. Even SAP Business One also allows the monitoring process to be carried out from your smartphone.

Retail companies also need SAP Business One, because retail companies will certainly need more details of each operational process. By using this software the important parts of the company can be accurate to get better information or policy choices.