Increase Your Business Success with SAP Hana Indonesia

Tingkatkan Keberhasilan Bisnismu Dengan SAP Hana Indonesia

SAP Hana Indonesia is one of the supporting ERP tools, which at first, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) was only used on large scale companies. However, now many SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) are starting to implement ERP in order to achieve company performance efficiency.

Business is a business whose success is very dependent on the analysis of teamwork it has. One sign that the business can develop well if at every stage of its work has been simplified so that it becomes more efficient. The efficiency of a business company can be done manually or software, of course, if you choose to use the software the work will be completed faster and you can do an analysis for your next business.

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One of the things that can be simplified by technology capability is an absent management system, reports on work results or product traffic per day, as well as sales reports from sales without having to wait for each responsible person to send them manually to the company’s account.

At present, there is software for each process efficiency called ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). This software, if judging from its function, is a software tool that was intentionally created to support a company’s operational activities.

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What is SAP?

SAP is an acronym for System Application and Product In Data Processing which is an ERP performance supporting device in processing a company’s management from planning to when the operational process is carried out. For those of you who are building a company, you can use SAP even though the company you are building is still on a small scale. Because later if the company has grown to become larger, of course, the management of operational management will become more complex.

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How to learn SAP

Can be learned either through self-taught or hiring SAP consultants. If you want to learn online, you can get it through a free ebook that is available even though this option is indeed cheaper but we do not guarantee related results will be obtained or by visiting the website

Generally, the material available on the internet is a very basic material even though company management is a complex matter. What’s more, if you choose to study independently or be self-taught then you won’t get a certificate whereas if you later want to become a professional SAP consultant, of course, you really need this certificate.

In addition to independent learning or self-taught learning, you can do it with an official SAP partner such as the sterling-team is an official consultant that has been trusted by many large companies and also as an Official Partner who is very experienced in educating an SAP consultant to become a professional. Especially if you attend training or training with an SAP authorized partner then you can get modules to the certification exam that shows that you are eligible to become an SAP consultant. You don’t even have to bother to study because generally SAP’s official partners also provide SAP consultants.

What SAP does Indonesia provide?

As an official partner in Indonesia, we provide a variety of services such as training to consulting services. The training provided will cover issues related to basic issues of company management, financial problems, logistics to production matters. Many of the benefits that you will get if you implement this system in your company, of course, the company will develop faster and easier to adjust to market conditions. Moreover, the core of a company being a leading company is consumer confidence.

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SAP is able to grant it all. In addition, by using this ERP software, you can also ensure that the company you manage stays in the applicable SOP because SAP also functions as a tool to control the management of the company in each division.

Why Should You Choose Us?

PT. Sterling Tulus Cemerlang is the largest SAP official partner in Indonesia with more than 30 SAP Professional consultants. Even the sterling-team has won quite a lot of awards as the best official partner of SAP. The values ​​that we uphold when serving clients are focus on clients, focus on the personal development of the client, cooperative, highly committed to providing the best.