Calculation of SAP Costs and Benefits

Kalkulasi Biaya SAP dan Manfaatnya

SAP stands for (System Application and Product in processing) which is a software application that is now loved by many companies, of course, a company will not arbitrarily use the software for its business continuity. Because in addition to endangering the business, there will also be an imbalance between development before and after using a software application.

As you already know SAP stands for (System Application and Product in processing), which is software that is often used by large companies to integrate into business.

After knowing the discussion about the meaning of SAP, it is hoped that you can estimate the benefits of using it, and after knowing the benefits, of course, you will see the price of the SAP application.
Like software in general, which of course has its own advantages, your SAP will be charged according to the benefits, many people say that the price will bring results right? Yes, in SAP, many have experienced developments according to the price of the SAP application.

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Before talking to the price of the SAP application, for this time we will first discuss what are the benefits or advantages of using SAP.

Benefits of Implementing SAP

  1. Data Transparency
    SAP makes it easy for company staff or users who have access to the system to be able to view company data supporting information, all data input can be seen and can be accessed by anyone
  2. Avoid Human Error
    We know that humans are not free from mistakes, usually, human errors occur due to human negligence or error, but SAP is able to distort input data with an easy administration process.
  3. High Accuracy Level In SAP there is an automatic verification system, capable of overcoming non-conformity elements in a company flow. The information that appears will be in accordance with the needs of each user who accesses it from time to time
  4. Monitoring the Accounting Process A company often experiences incompatible data. In addition to monitoring data, SAP is also able to monitor sales and what costs have been incurred
  5. Having an Application MobileSAP has an application for mobile which will provide complete visibility so that you can access and input anytime and from anywhere.

SAP Cost Calculations

SAP stands for (System Application and Product in processing) which has many benefits for its users because SAP has integrity and automates business processes related to operations, production, and distribution aspects in a company which is useful for reducing inefficient operational costs.

SAP Business One Indonesia

The following will calculate the implementation of 1 SAP module, namely the Financial Accounting module, the implementation time is 5 months with stages.

  1. Preparation : 2 weeks(10 workdays) : 1 project manager (PM), 1 finance consultant, 1 technical consultant
  2. Blueprint : 4 weeks (20 workdays) : ½ basis, ½ abap, 2 finance, 1 PM
  3. Realization : 6 weeks (30 workdays) : 1 basis, 1 abap, 2 finance, ½ PM
  4. User acceptance test : 2 weeks (10 workdays) : 1 basis, 1 abap, 2 finance, ½ PM
  5. Go live preparation : 2 weeks (10 workdays) : 1 basis, 1 abap, 2 finance, ½ PM
  6. Go live n Support : 4 weeks (20 workdays) : ½ basis, ½ abap, 1 finance, ½ PM

By taking the average rate per consultant of 250 USD / day, we get the following calculation:

(10×3 + 20×4 +30×4.5 +10×4.5 + 10×4.5 + 20×2.5) x 250 USD = 96250 USD = 1 Milyar Rupiah

The final variable is infrastructure, it is focused on purchasing a server. For ECC 6.0 installation, the minimum server requirements are at least 2 processors with speeds above 1 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 200 GB hard disk (for 3 years).

So from this calculation, if we try the minimum total implementation of ECC 6.0 for one F1 module with 20 active users is: 1M + 1.4 M + 1 M = 3.4 M

Seeing the results of these calculations cost SAP for us ordinary people is certainly very surprising, right? However, for large companies with high integrity in their business development, it is certainly not a problem, that’s just one module, try to imagine a company that uses a lot of SAP modules and has hundreds of users, how much they will spend. SAP stands for (System Application and Product in processing) where SAP is more specifically for large companies due to cost reasons and that’s why until now SAP seems so exclusive.

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Why Should Choose SAP?

After knowing the meaning, benefits and prices of SAP applications, you must know why SAP should be the choice of your company’s business.

The development of SAP from year to year is certainly not easy and goes through many processes that are not small, their first work was on a contract for software system development purposes and of course, their efforts paid off until SAP was released under the name SAP R / 2 in 1979.

As we know the benefits of using SAP, of course, it will greatly facilitate your business. SAP is software that can work when installed on a technology device with certain specifications, SAP is also easy to use or access anytime and from anywhere, even SAP mobile applications give priority to ease of access to certain data processing.

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SAP is very important for companies because with its integrated and comprehensive system, the implementation of SAP requires a lot of money. For this reason, application in small businesses and non-visionary business targets will not be optimal and detrimental. However, for businesses with visionary targets in the future, the implementation of SAP is very necessary.