SAP Business One Cloud As a Corporate Data Cloud Solution

sap business one cloud hana solution

The SAP Business One Cloud solution is very attractive to companies because of its ease of use and low initial capital investment and provides access to applications with full functionality. Before exploring any cloud solution, consulting about what you need is very important with the Consultation Team.

At present, there are very many businesses that use SAP business one cloud as a solution for running their companies. Cloud computing is a matter or topic that is very often discussed in the business world because it makes a company’s growth go up. SAP Business One is an affordable business management solution.

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What is SAP? SAP stands for easy-to-use System Application and Processing specifically designed to grow small and medium-sized businesses (finance and accounting to inventory and customer relationship management), all of your key business areas are integrated to provide clear visibility throughout your business.

Trusted throughout the world, SAP Business One is a scalable and tested solution that is available on location and in the cloud supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS). SAP Business One has functions to help you change your business by utilizing information to maximize efficiency, reach new customers and drive profitable growth.

sap business one hana cloud

Very Attractive Offer

What makes SAP Business One Cloud a very attractive offer?
The ease of customization or the flexibility of SAP Business One Cloud is itself an attraction. There are reasons why cloud-based solutions are increasingly popular. The majority of large companies use cloud systems to run their companies.

SAP Business One Cloud is run by a team that is professional, competent, and committed in their fields. SAP Business is automatically managed and updated by SAP / VAR Partners, so the organization always has the latest version. The application and the server are in a very secure Data Center which features a series of physical and network protections to protect important business data.

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Without hardware to manage or software to maintain, SMEs can focus on their business and not on IT.

Export and Import

We have reduced the extra manual effort to import SAP HANA DB export files in advance on the SAP HANA instance to create a new Tenant from an existing company. Now, using the Cloud Control Center you can directly import/create SAP HANA Tenant in the Service Unit by selecting the SAP HANA export file.

All you need to have is an SLD Agent service that runs on a Linux machine that is the HANA Database Instance centre of the Service Unit provided and configures and registers the Enterprise Template repository.

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When you implement SAP Business One Cloud, you automatically enjoy the highest AWS cloud advantage. AWS protects your data to prevent loss of information and ensure data security.

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The AWS 20x model is more reliable than ordinary commodity disk drives, making it the safest system. The features offered are visibility & amp; complete control, high-speed performance with flawless security, audit capabilities, and regular data backup data encryption.


With SAP business one cloud, all of your key business information can be accessed on request worldwide by only using an internet connection. The ease of accessing SAP Business one anytime, anywhere and on any device (PC, MAC, Linux), has workers in the field of data input and can monitor it in real-time, and reduces the risk of loss of company data.

SAP Business One Cloud is an affordable and integrated enterprise resource planning solution that develops as your business grows, enabling your business to run directly and generate profits.

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From the financial and sales side to inventory and production, SAP Business One Cloud gives you real-time business information from all areas of your business that allows you to make smarter business decisions, anywhere and anytime.

With SAP Business One Cloud, all your valuable information is safe and secure allowing you to spend more time running your business and reducing internal IT costs.