Get to know the SAP ERP Module and the Difference

sap business one get to know the sap erp module and the difference

The SAP ERP module is a method used to introduce both SAP and ERP systems, which are now essential in running a business. SAP and ERP are two different things. SAP stands for System, Application, and Product. Meanwhile, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning.

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The difference between SAP and ERP

You must know the following fundamental differences between SAP and ERP before studying these two things in more detail.

1. ERP Part of SAP

ERP, which emphasizes the planning process, is part of SAP. SAP is the whole system used by a company. ERP and SAP are also not parts that can be put together, considering that they are attached and related to one another.

Without SAP, ERP cannot stand alone. Meanwhile, ERP is an important part that must be carried out to ensure that SAP runs perfectly.

It must be understood that the two are two different things that are interrelated.

In ERP, several things that will be discussed in depth are the planning process for other processes that will be carried out within a company.

While the system available in SAP already includes the process from planning and managing human resources until it finally ends in the distribution process that the company will carry out.

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2. ERP Emphasizes On Planning

Going deeper into the ERP module, ERP is a part of the system intended to manage several calculation functions in a company.

Within the ERP system, many sub-systems are commonly known as corporate accounting. Parts of the system are called modules.

ERP modules include General Ledger, Account Payable, Account Receivable, Material Requirement Planning, Order Management, Inventory Control, and Human Resources Management, or a system for managing human resources in the company.

In terms of division, the ERP system allows companies to divide employees into several divisions or sub-divisions with specialties to manage each job description.

All planning in a company will be managed through an ERP system that has provided various needs as well as programs and modules needed by a company.

3. SAP Provides Solutions From The Entire System

Unlike ERP, SAP is a solution provider of the entire system that applies to a company. All arrangements made by the company will be regulated in a system and application called SAP.

If there are recording errors or calculation errors at the company, the location of the error can be found more quickly.

These errors can be traced from various essential records in the company, which makes it easier for stakeholders to re-calculate.

If, in the process, the system experiences interference or problems that disrupt the company’s operations; the system provider has provided problem-solving services starting from finding the cause of the problem to what solutions must be made to repair the system.

It is regulated with a sophisticated regulatory model that makes it easier for users or customers to manage systems in the company.

Starting from the process carried out to plan company activities and create a master plan to manage employees at the company; everything can be done using an SAP system.

Apart from these processes, there are also SAP modules related to the buying or selling process that must be carried out regarding the company’s continuity.

The system has provided complete steps from the initial process of planning a company to the company’s distribution process.

Profits or losses in a company can be seen easily when a period ends. Even if the company wants to change the audit period that has been done before, the company can change it easily.

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The records produced are also complete so that anyone who wants to do a recount can see all available records complete with various modules from each division.

This kind of system is profitable to implement in a company and very useful for carrying out the controlling or monitoring function of every company activity by looking at the SAP ERP module that is already available in the system.

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