Benefits an SAP Indonesia Partner and The Criteria

benefits-ofbecoming sap indonesia partner

SAP Indonesia Partners are all integrated service system providers for companies and users of the system. SAP, which stands for System, Applications, and Products, is a system created to make a company’s planning.

The process starts with the planning process when it will create a company, then the process continues by starting to build a company with an available recording system. There are many parts or modules available on SAP.

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A complete accounting or accounting process is also available to record all transactions made at the company. After the recording process, then the process continues with the start of managing the existing human resources at the company.

In addition, the production and distribution process can also be managed through 1 SAP system that has been used at the company. But the system used must be an internationally recognized system with a number of established standards. You as a customer who will use the system to make arrangements for companies must choose the best system available.

The following are some of the standards or minimum criteria of a company system and the benefits of becoming an SAP Indonesia Partner that you will get if you use all of the systems that have been standardized correctly.

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Has been Internationally Certified

The system that is provided for managing a company should be internationally standardized or certified. This means that the credibility of a system used can be generally recognized.

If it is used for recording or is used for resolving problems with a company, all credibility and validity of the record can be held responsible by the parties that are the users.

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If you want to use a system that has been standardized correctly, you must choose an application system that has gone through various rigorous certification processes. A well-built system will produce a good recording process and have clear details.

These standards are important to note so that the company can be managed more quickly and accurately.

Available Systems From Planning to Troubleshooting

If in the process a company experiences a system interruption that is used on SAP, the system provider must provide a solution or assistance that will be used to correct the system error.

This method has become one of the important standards that must be owned by a company system. Careful planning will facilitate the process of solving problems that occur in the future. The location of errors that occur in a company is also easier to find if the records have been made clearly and systematically.

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The slightest note is very important to do at a company. This is to avoid data mismatches that occur in the company. With an ERP system in which there is a journaling system, ledgers, and various other calculations needed in a company.

All forms of disruptions that occur on the company’s system or SAP will be assisted directly by the application service provider. This method is very easy for users who will record the entire transaction process at the company.

Integrated Systems From Planning to Distribution

A good SAP service will provide a system from planning, management processes, to distribution processes that are the output of a company. The process will be recorded systematically as well as making it easier for users to carry out the process of monitoring and controlling the company.

SAP services not only make it easy but also secure corporate data. The confidentiality and security of company data will be guaranteed in every process carried out in a company. Completeness of company data will also not be lost in a certain period determined by the company. By following all the standards set, SAP will bring many benefits to the company.

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The slightest mistake that occurs in a company will be immediately visible and easy to find the cause so that you can find a solution more quickly. Determination and amount of profits or losses that exist in a company will be seen in the final calculation on company records.

By becoming a partner of SAP Indonesia, the company is more advanced and has an organized and complete system for the long term.

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