The advantages of SAP Business One Starter Package Price for SMEs

The advantages of SAP Business One Starter Package Price for SMEs

To support business development within the company through the SMB segment, SAP has now launched one of its newest products, the SAP Business One Starter Package. This product is a starter package version with a more affordable price of up to 50% when compared to the standard Business One SAP version that was present first. Because of this price difference, the features presented in these two packages are also different.

SAP Business One Starter Package For SMB Businesses

Considering that SAP business one starter package price is cheaper, of course SAP is targeted at companies with no more than 100 employees. In addition, the number of users of the SAP starter package is also limited to 5 people. Not only that, certain companies that utilize the SAP Business One Starter Package solution only have less than 15 employees. Unlike the starter package system, the standard version of SAP Business One does not limit the number of users.

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The functions provided by the SAP starter package can fulfil the basic accounting and finance requirements, purchasing, sales, to supplier and customer relationship management, administration, reporting, and inventory and distribution of goods. This standard version of SAP Business One offers additional functions, in the form of cost accounting, approval procedures, fixed assets, cost management, SAP Business One SDK, integration with branch offices, and material requirements planning.

Due to the different functions above, the SAP Indonesia Business One standard package itself is only offered to companies in the trading industry, service providers and distribution. Meanwhile, the standard package from SAP Business One itself can be applied to industries whose scope is wider, be it the chemical industry, automotive, construction, consumer products, machine providers, retails and so on. The duration of implementation for the two packages is also different. The average on a standard package takes 3-10 days, while the standard version takes 2-8 weeks.

SAP releases the Business One starter package to encourage companies in the SMB segment to implement business solutions that are appropriate and fast. Users are given the opportunity to upgrade from the original starter package to the standard package through 3 simple steps. The trick is to contact the vendor, then enter a new license and start using the standard version of SAP business one.

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What are the Benefits of the SAP Business One Starter Package

For those of you who are still curious about the benefits and uses of the SAP business one starter package, including the following:

  1. Focus More On Business Development
    Streamline the company’s operations from the beginning to the end, so the company can focus more on running a business that offers benefits for the perpetrators.
  2. Can Improve Efficiency To Strengthen Company Foundation
    With this SAP business one starter package, it can integrate and centralize all lines of the company, from sales, purchases, inventory, finance and operations to one system, by reducing costs, minimizing errors, and eliminating repeated data entry.
  3. Give Faster and Better Decisions
    Position a company’s business information into a single data source. Therefore companies can browse the latest information directly and completely. So employees can respond to customers’ needs easily and quickly and can make decisions well.
  4. Supporting Company Needs
    By using tools that can be adjusted and can be applied easily, even offering 500 more additional solutions, the SAP business one can be adjusted and developed flexibly to meet the company’s specific business needs.
  5. Shorter Time
    SAP Business One Starter Package can be run and implemented briefly using a single application. With user experience using SAP Business One, this can minimize the training of users while simultaneously reducing the cost of IT support on an ongoing basis.
  6. Connecting Business Partners, Headquarters and Branch Offices on One Network
    Serve customers while getting operational efficiency using effective and affordable solutions to help manage information and harmonize business processes.

These are the advantages of SAP Business One and SAP Business One Starter Package pricing that you can consider when choosing the right platform to grow your company!