3 Tips for Choosing SAP Business One Package

3 tips for choosing sap business one package

When you want to develop a start-up business or business in any field, SAP Indonesia is ready to facilitate it by launching the SAP Business One package that you can get when working with professional service providers in the SAP field. The existence of SAP itself has various benefits, such as:

  • Integrating a variety of reports ranging from accounting reports, financial reports, company inventory, sales to project management which is carried out in real-time.
  • Look at the production cycle and product sales that occur within the company to help optimize the marketing process and minimize production problems.
  • Understand the speed of the performance of every HR that is in the company and set policies towards HR.
  • Help make decisions to advance the business from the results of the analysis conducted on all divisions in the company.
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After knowing the various benefits above, before buying an SAP Business One package that suits the needs of the company, there are various things that must be understood and considered, namely:

SAP Appropriate Business Type Categories

SAP system packages that use ERP systems generally need to be adapted to the program that is in it with the type of business that is in it. This is because the function that will be obtained in every business is definitely different.

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For example, SAP which is used for the field of food retailing will certainly be different from SAP which is used for the field of automotive manufacturing. SAP systems that have been adapted to the type of business generally will provide a type of license at the same time with a different training model.
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Facilities provided

Before you choose a service provider that provides the right SAP system for your business, make sure first what kind of facilities will be provided.

  • System Use
    The first thing that needs to be discussed is the intended use of the system, for example, the SAP Business One package is intentionally ordered to strengthen access to accounting and financial reporting. However, you can also order for trading systems or other systems as needed.
  • Implementation Period
    The implementation time or trial usage time of each SAP system ordered will differ depending on the license obtained and the desired data integration model. Therefore, you can discuss in detail the time of SAP ERP implementation that has been ordered. In general, the implementation time of the SAP program is around 1-6 months.
  • Number of Starter kits and licenses
    The SAP system has the privilege because the system used can be adjusted to the needs of companies who want it. This is what will differentiate the number of starter package licenses for the company’s operations. For small-scale start-up companies, for example, only need 1 SAP Business starter package and license, while for large-scale companies with branches that are spread not only inside but also abroad, need 3 or more SAP Business starter packages with a variety of licenses tailored to the company’s divisions.
  • Hardware, Software, and Servers
    When you decide to work with a service company that provides SAP ERP system package facilities, first ask the hardware, software, and server model that will be used. Can you use computer hardware and software that already exists in the company or must use a separate device? If you use a separate device, you should ask whether the specifications of the device to be used are already directly a facility of the SAP system service provider company or your company has prepared it separately.
  • Maintenance
    In order for the SAP system to run in the company to fulfil the product functions professionally, you need to ask about the SAP program maintenance process. The periodic maintenance process carried out by the IT division will keep the data processed by the system steadily presented in real-time and help company officials make policies according to company conditions.

Product Prices

You can ask SAP Bussiness One package¬†price that suits the company’s needs and how the payment system is. Generally, SAP program purchasing and payment systems require formal agreements between consumer companies and SAP program provider companies. Related to this, you can also ask the purchase agreement model that can be agreed to by both parties. Because generally, the use of the SAP ERP system is a long-term collaboration system that can also be updated in accordance with developments in the business world.