Why is SAP Business One Package Interested?

Why SAP Business One Package Interested and How to get it

SAP Business One package is a package of programs that can certainly support the operations of a business. Generally, there are several functions that can be integrated through the SAP ERP system, such as administrative management functions, financial accounting functions, sales and services, or purchasing and operational functions. There are many reasons why until now the SAP Indonesia system is increasingly in demand by business owners, namely:

  • Can provide data in real-time from all divisions whose data is integrated through the SAP system so that leaders in the company can make decisions for the development of the company according to conditions that occur in the field.
  • Previously owned SAP systems can be modified or updated according to company needs and developments in the business world.
  • Have a complete starter kit with a quality license to monitor all activities that take place in the company and provide an overview of business management that might be done within the next 5-10 years, especially if you want to develop business in a new field or open a branch of the company.
  • The data presented can be accessed by various divisions within the company that need the data without worrying about leaking to unrelated parties.
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From the various reasons above, you certainly understand why the SAP system is still needed today. However, when you want to get an SAP program that can be operated long-term, there are some things you need to consider.

The Credibility of Service Providers

As a provider of business analysis media, SAP service providers that you will collaborate with at least must be ensured to have good credibility. This can be seen from several aspects such as:

The number of Work Partners and Consumer Partners who have used the service

Generally, SAP Business One package system service providers also collaborate with IT partners or other partners to ensure SAP services to consumers continue to run well. You can try to find out in advance the work partners of the service providers and the number of consumers who have used the SAP system offered by the company concerned.

Office Location and Licensing

It would be better if you work with a company that has a special license for SAP operations and has clear offices and permits. That way, you can see or try which SAP application is suitable for your company’s condition before deciding to buy it.

Consulting Services

When you are a start-up company owner who wants to develop a company in a relatively short time, one of the decisions that will support your business is to choose the right SAP system. However, your decision can only be the right decision if you get consulting services from an SAP provider that provides input on what SAP ERP system is appropriate for your business conditions.

Completeness of Facilities

Each service provider generally provides a starter kit, training time for using the system, to mentoring that is tailored to the ERP system purchased. When you have decided to buy an SAP Business system that is suitable for the development of your business division, make sure what facilities will be obtained in both the short and long term.

Cooperation System Provided

The SAP Business system is not a system that will only be used in a matter of months, because its development takes place over a longer period of time. That is why when you choose the SAP system for an ongoing business, make sure the collaboration system model is offered by the service provider, such as the annual contract system or other contract systems.

SAP System Variants Offered

You need to understand that the SAP system currently in Indonesia has been adjusted according to the type of industry that wants to use it, ranging from manufacturing, aviation industry, retail industry, to the agricultural industry. Software and hardware variants that will be used may be different. That is why you can consult in advance what kind of SAP system is suitable for your business.

System Maintenance

Every use of the SAP system requires regular maintenance to keep the real-time data retrieval function owned by SAP Business One package running properly. From the training services provided, you can also ascertain whether for a certain period of time, the maintenance process will be accompanied by a service provider company or can be done by an IT team from your own company.

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