The Importance of SAP for Distribution Companies

the importance of sap for distribution company

Lots of companies use the sap system. Almost companies in the world use the sap system. Such as Indonesian sap used by companies in Indonesia. Then the sap for distribution companies is one of them. Because it makes it easy for an activity within a company.

Distribution Company

A distribution company is a company that engages in buying goods from producers and then resells them or can be interpreted simply as a company whose job is to bridge between producers and consumers.

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Types of Distribution

Basically, the types of distribution companies are divided into three, namely goods distribution companies, service distribution companies and also individual distributors. The understanding of the following three types is as follows.

  1. Goods Distributor Company
    Companies that operate in this field are companies that distribute physical goods. Then for the process of distribution is that each producer will provide a product to the distributor. Then the distributor will sell or distribute it to the retailer. And the job of the retailer is to sell or distribute it to the end consumer.
  2. Service Distributor Company
    The system used by these types of service distributor companies is arguably very simple. Because the distribution process is carried out as from the distributor will be able to directly provide product services from them to the end party or end consumers.
  3. Individual Distributors
    Usually what is done by a type of individual distributor is like a process carried out from a producer that leads to a private distributor, then distributed to the end party or the end consumer.

If you already understand about the terms of distribution and also the types of distribution companies, the next thing you should understand is SAP. Is an application that is useful to support an organization or company in carrying out operational activity. So by using this application, the company will get more efficient and effective time in its operations.

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SAP for Distribution Companies

SAP for distribution companies is usually very helpful. By using this application, a company can improve the business process carried out by the company. The process improvement includes improving customer service, in addition, there is an increase in a change in response from the market.

Then the second thing that can be improved in a company is like an increase in the consistency of business processes. This consistency usually includes the function of the monitoring process can be further improved. Then there is the impact of reducing the risk of human error.

Using SAP can also be used to ensure that the company’s SOP can run well and in an orderly manner. Which when is like an improvement in the process. This increase includes an improvement in the analysis process. In the decision-making process can be done quickly and also precisely.

SAP Modules that are often used

Once you understand the understanding and also the benefits of sap to be used in production companies, modules that are often used by companies are also important to add to your horizons. SAP modules that are often used are like FICO or finance and control, then the second module is PP or Product Planning, the third is MM or Material Management, while the fourth is SD or Sales and Distribution, the next is HR or Human Resources, the sixth is CRM or Customer Relationship Management, the seventh is QM or Quality Management, the eighth is PS or Product System. The module is indeed often or often used by companies that use SAP, including companies in Indonesia.

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SAP Business One Customers / Clients from Distribution Companies

PT. Sterling Tulus Cemerlang (STEM) is a partner that helps implement SAP Business One products successfully in distribution companies in Indonesia. Ranging from family companies to multinational companies. Including group companies with more than 30 subsidiaries.

Here are some of our customers SAP Business One in Indonesia:

  1. PT. Fine Foods Indonesia
  2. PT. Hadi Putra Jaya
  3. PT. Citra Kreasi Makmur
  4. PT. Abhitech Matra Indah
  5. PT. Okamura Chitose Indonesia
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To date we have helped more than 200 companies in Indonesia and Global.
As you read this article that gives you a number of SAP-themed readings starting from the understanding of distribution companies, the types of distribution companies, the understanding of SAP, then the importance or benefits for distribution companies, and finally the module is related to all SAP systems for a company then You will better understand how big the role of SAP for a company, especially distribution companies.