5 Advantages of SAP Hana You Need to Know

5 advantages of sap hana what you need to know

SAP Hana Enterprise 1.0 is a platform in-memory computing by combining SAP database software into a pre-tuned-based server. In addition, SAP is also designed to support the transactional and analytic processes in real-time.

How does HANA work?

HANA is designed to easily mimic structured data on SAP and non SAP database applications, relational and other platforms.

One of the 3 replication styles, including ETL based, trigger-based, and log-based, is applied depending on the source system and use case as desired. Then the data is replicated and stored in RAM so that it can be accessed easily in real-time using transactional and analytic applications above HANA.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of SAP HANA

HANA is not only capable of processing data and integrating memory, but it can also process data quickly. For business people who need data in real-time quickly, it is very helpful to use this type of SAP.

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There are several advantages of SAP HANA that can be obtained by companies using this application include:

  1. Application Development

    Independent or in-house developers can use HANA to provide a special and customized experience based on the uniqueness of each user. This one can be combined with analytics technology, next gem data transactions and cross devices. This is what makes the maximum performance.

  2. Process Analysis

    Another advantage of SAP HANA is that it can find solutions to the various business obstacles that are present as well as how the decision-making process is appropriate and smart to face the challenges of doing business through business application technology or viewed from the brand side. Through the use of SAP, the ability in memory for all data, data processing, graphics, text, space, streaming and time can be selected using the analytics process.

  3. Easier Data Access

    The next advantage of the SAP Indonesia Hana platform is that it can obtain more accurate and complete views and insights for business. Thus the company that you build and run can improve rapidly by accessing any source, both internally and externally. In addition, confidence in making these decisions is increasing through the assurance of quality data. HANA can be more relevant for integrating, replicating and searching for data that has been accessed.

  4. Database Service

    All business actors both small and large businesses even realize that with the current technological advances that are used will be accompanied by the necessity in managing as well as maintaining the database, where the volume is getting bigger. The advantages of HANA itself can be handled by database containers with more dynamic storage.

  5. Administration

    The last advantage of HANA is that its tools are simpler so that they can allocate more time and attention to research, improve and develop process effectiveness in your business. In addition, HANA also facilitates matters of monitoring, application security and data certainty in order to achieve availability on an ongoing basis.

Those are some of the advantages of HANA that you can choose to support your company’s processes.

Then, What Applications are Supported by Hana?

SAP has been delivered over several generations, and analytic applications are specifically designed to improve functionality in real-time by HANA, including SAP CO-PA Accelerator and SAP Smart Meter Analytics. It is focused and developed in related analyzes of retail, telecommunications, finance, and other industries. HANA is optimized with the interface through SAP Business Object dashboarding, portfolios and other products.

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It can be concluded that HANA can offer significant improvements in query performance, minimize administrative overhead, with better prices and TCO compared to data warehouses on traditional performance.

SAP HANA allows business users to tidy up data, use a variety of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ through company information sources to gain new and more comprehensive insights about customer behavior, market conditions, and the company’s product life cycle. The use of HANA can help monitoring telecommunications systems, security, forecasting and profitability reporting, monitoring energy utilization and retail optimization merchandizing.