SAP Business One Solution for Retail Companies

SAP Business One Solution for Retail Companies

A retail company is a company that requires a high degree of accuracy. For the retail company execution process, it is quite difficult to do because the number of transactions carried out is quite a lot, of course, the amount of data managed also has quite high traffic.

Retail Business

The retail business is also known as a retailer, for example, there is a company that produces instant noodles on a large scale, of course, as a society it is not possible to buy instant noodles in large parties, for that generally there will be a company that resells smaller quantities.

What has just been revealed is a retail company in one product. If we talk about retail companies that are quite large, you will find shops in shopping centres that are actually retail companies.

The management of retail companies is very dependent on the management process, one of them is management related to accounting. Retail companies are spread quite a lot for that requires more detailed management and extra supervision. In managing a retail company’s accounting there are actually various ways such as the use of software that is able to manage administration such as absences, salaries to transactions that occur within the company.

Retail Business Management

One software that can be used is SAP for retail companies. SAP Business One is a software that produces ERP. ERP is an Enterprise Resource Planning that places more emphasis on the planning aspects of a company. Generally, this concept is a concept used to manage a company. For example the process of integrating a company’s plan so that it can carry out managerial functions properly. The purpose of ERP itself makes work more efficient and provides the best service for consumers.

Implementation of a good ERP for a company plays a vital role because the company is able to have a fairly good and structured database. For example in the marketing department will have data related to sales, purchasing and distribution supply. Systems that are made separate between each party in the company can be useful to avoid mismatches of data or often called “cheated data”.

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SAP for Retail Companies

The right solution for retail companies is to implement SAP for retail companies. SAP is an example of ERP that is already well known by various companies because of the system they made to facilitate the integration process of every operational activity of a company. SAP for retail companies has various advantages including an easy analysis process and can be used to find solutions to every problem in the managerial and operational processes of a company.

Modules owned by SAP for retail companies consist of several parts such as iREAP for SAP Business One which can be used in industrial retail companies, iREAP POS which can be used to facilitate the cashier system so that the cashier system is directly integrated with SAP Business One. Generally, the cashier system is often used for companies that are managed by the store itself. For retail companies that are quite large, you can use iREAP CLS, a smart mobile application that can provide convenience for you when shopping, so that consumers can shop using only their mobile phones. In addition to iREAP POS for cashiers, you are also given an iREAP POS Web module that can be used for a cashier system that functions as a counter.

Even small-scale retail companies can use SAP Business One. Because SAP for small retail companies provides a variety of key functions for retail such as data management for retail companies, merchandising, promotional features, sales and consignment purchases and connecting points of sales to SAP. And make it easier for you to do retail transactions between companies.

One of SAP’s official developers, the sterling-team, even has clients that are well known to the public, such as Planet surf, Feather, Matapel chemicals, EON chemical solutions, Yogya convenience store, Cotton ink, Sorella and various large Indonesian retail companies. Moreover, the sterling-team has repeatedly been awarded as the best partner of SAP business one. SAP for retail companies is the right solution for data transparency and system integration so that you don’t need to be confused about the company’s managerial problems.