Monitor Farms with SAP Business One

monitor farms with sap business one

Technological advances are already inevitable in our lives. These technological advancements have also triggered various advancements in several sectors, animal husbandry is one industry that can not be avoided anymore.

Animal Husbandry is a field of industry. For this reason, planning is needed that is quite mature related to the management of this industry. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a regulatory concept related to company management and operations.

ERP itself is a software tool that contains several modules that are compiled to facilitate the managerial process and planning for the management of industrial resources.

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ERP Device

One form of ERP is SAP Business One which is a special ERP tool for corporate managerial planning. SAP for animal husbandry is quite useful because it can expand the company’s network and oversee and control the course of the company.

The key to SAP’s functions for animal husbandry lies in a number of sections, the first being financial management, where SAP functions to control and automate every company’s tasks related to accounting. So that the entire financial process can be controlled properly only by using SAP.

Then what is the purpose? With the control of the financial department, of course, the running of the business is easier to understand besides cash flow and money in and out is also easier to put together.

Monitor Farms with SAP Business One

SAP for Animal Husbandry

SAP for animal husbandry can even be used to manage or oversee the running of farms every day, you can analyze the feed from the standard feed side as well as the actual or actual feed supplied. In addition, SAP’s ability to farm is also quite good in terms of analyzing the death rate of livestock. The use of vitamins, weight analysis and the sales process can also be done using SAP for animal husbandry.

There are many benefits that you can get for recording this business, for example during the process of recording the consumption of feed and medicine, you can also calculate how much you have to pay for livestock as capital. In addition, the process of requesting the transfer of goods from the head office will also be easier to do than having to go through manual procedures.

SAP for animal husbandry can also be used to monitor feed costs, although the amount is small the benefits it gets are quite large. Especially as we already know that in the livestock business, the cost of feed is the biggest expense compared to other costs.

The cost of feed even reaches 65% of the total cost to be spent on production costs. If you reduce the cost of feed and replace it with cheaper types of feed, of course, it will greatly affect the performance of your livestock. SAP for livestock is a savings solution but still does not reduce the performance of livestock.

How SAP Works for Animal Husbandry

If written briefly, the way SAP works for animal husbandry starts with the process of inputting livestock data including input data on feed, performance, administration of drugs, then death data. After that, you can input data on the harvest data which will then proceed with the analysis of the FCR, PNL and feed consumption ratio. Furthermore, SAP for animal husbandry can predict plans that are suitable for your company.

To use SAP, you can contact a trusted SAP Business One partner. SAP consultants will provide business knowledge and management of the type that suits your business. Moreover, supported by SAP capabilities that are very useful for companies with analysis and industry-specific functions, you should not hesitate to use SAP for animal husbandry.

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