The Difference between SAP Business One and Odoo

SAP Business One vs Odoo

Nowadays, many companies are beginning to recognize and understand the need for an ERP system to assist company operations. Do you know what ERP is? Is your company the one that is considering using the ERP system? Or even already using ERP System?

ERP, which stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, is a process within the company to manage, plan and integrate existing resources. In Indonesia, there are several companies that provide ERP software to integrate company business processes, from purchasing, inventory, production, sales (marketing) and others, to financial accounting for financial reporting in one system. Some companies that are famous for their ERP systems are SAP and Odoo.

The SAP company was first established on April 1, 1972. Unlike other software companies in the world at that time, from the very beginning SAP has specialized and focused on developing business application software – ERP System. And in March 2002, SAP launched SAP Business One products to help small and medium sized companies (SME – Small Medium Enterprise)

The ERP System implementation process is a process that is not cheap, not only in financial terms but also in terms of human resources and time required. This applies not only during the implementation process, but will also continue to run when the ERP System is finished being implemented and used daily. Therefore, there are several important points to be considered in choosing the best ERP software such as features, functions, price, security, ease of development, and especially the support provided.

Since the ERP System is not like an item that can be held and seen directly when we are deciding which to buy, then you should need to find out in detail about the main features and functions needed. So you can determine what ERP System is suitable for your company’s needs.

SAP Business One Indonesia

SAP Business One is a business management software (ERP) designed for small and medium-sized businesses (SAP SE). As an SAP solution, it aims to automate key business functions in Finance, Sales & Opportunities, Purchasing & Supply Chain, Production Planning & Inventory Control, Project Management, and Business Intelligence & Analysis.

SAP Business One can be deployed on-Cloud or on-Premise and has been integrated with the SAP Hana platform which is famous for its in-memory computing concept and also integrated with business intelligence that allows users in your company to conduct analysis faster and more accurate.

At present SAP Business One is used by more than 60,000 companies worldwide, is available in 28 languages with 44 localization versions and has 800 partners that have been certified by SAP in more than 150 countries. For Indonesia, SAP already has SAP Indonesia as a representative of SAP, located in Jakarta.

Odoo Resource Planning vs SAP Business One

Odoo Enterprise Resource Planning

Odoo is a business management application that is open-source to manage business processes within the company such as CRM, e-commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, project management, and inventory.

With a robust MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture, flexible workflow, dynamic GUI (graphic user interface), and integrated reporting system integration, Odoo offers modules specifically designed to improve business performance.

Odoo can be deployed Cloud and On-premise. At present, Odoo has been used by more than 5 million users in more than 120 countries, and has 2550 partners worldwide.

SAP Business One Odoo
Company SAP SE Odoo SA
Initial Release March 2002 February 2005
Deployment Module On-Cloud & on-Premise On-Cloud & on-Premise
License Per Name User Free
Modules Administration, Financials, CRM, Opportunities, Sales – A/R, Purchasing – A/P, Business Partner (Customer, Vendor & Lead), Banking, Inventory, Resources, Production, Project Management, MRP, Service, Human Resources. eCommerce, Blogs, Forums, eLearning, Sales & Marketing, CRM, Invoicing, Financial & Accounting, Project, Human Resources, Inventory, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Help Desk, Timesheet, Invoicing.
Indonesia Representive Office SAP Indonesia (1) None (2)
Implementation By partner companies that have been designated and certified by SAP Indonesia. (3) No certified partners.

By all companies that provide Odoo implementation services.

Total Cost of Ownership Cost of Acquisition (License) and Deployment Deployment Cost.
Enhancement & integration With Other System Yes. Yes.
Support SAP Global Support None (4)
Web Interface Yes. (5) Yes.
Multiple Company Yes. Yes.
Multiple Currency Yes. Yes.
Product Roadmap Ya, for public Ya, for internal
Annual Update Yes None
Database SAP Hana & Microsoft SQL Server Postgre SQL


Which one do you choose, SAP Business One or Odoo?

From the comparison table above, it can be seen that basically both systems have functions and features that are sufficiently capable to help the company’s operations. There are pluses and minuses that each system has. However, in deciding the best ERP software for your company’s business, in addition to considering features and functions, support plays an important role to support the continued use of the system after the implementation process is complete.

This is what must be understood by all levels in the company, especially the company owner, that when implementing an ERP system it must be seen as a long-term investment. Because with a good ERP system, it will be able to support the company’s operational activities in the present or in the future when the company is growing.

Odoo which is an open-source ERP system may provide flexibility to make modifications and also a cheaper investment because there is no license fee.

SAP, with its experience in the software industry for more than 45 years, provides SAP Business One, which provides experience and certainty in business processes that comply with international standards, as well as global support from SAP.

In the end some important points in determining which ERP system to use depends on:

  • Complexity of business processes
  • The need to be developed following the company’s business development.
  • Number of users and amount of data.
  • Ease to enhance or customize.
  • Vendors / Consultants who provide implementation services.
  • Support both from the vendor implementation service provider or from the company that owns the ERP System software.

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Note :

  • (1)SAP Indonesia is located at World Trade Center II Lt. 9, JI. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 29-31, DKI Jakarta 12920
  • (2)As of this article was written on July 14, 2020, there is no representative office in Indonesia
  • (3)PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang (STEM Indonesia) is SAP GOLD Partner for SAP Business One
  • (4)Must buy a separate package to get support from Odoo
  • (5)In SAP Business One version 10, web access is developed with HTML5 platform