SAP Business One Program for Automotive Business

sap for automotive business

SAP (System Application and Processing) is a system intended for companies to support business operational activities carried out by companies. SAP makes all parts of the company can be well integrated and work together in order to achieve effective results and in accordance with the target.

Development of SAP for Automotive Business in Indonesia

Many large companies in Indonesia from various areas use SAP implementation. Starting from businesses in the communications, manufacturing and other sectors. SAP for automotive businesses such as Astra International, Daihatsu Motor and several other automotive businesses have a pretty good influence on the company’s development.

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Modules used by each company are also not the same, some are only used for sales purposes or sometimes can be used for all purposes such as finance and distribution. SAP began to recognize in Indonesia for the first time in 1996, namely SAP for Astra International automotive business.

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SAP System Benefits

SAP is applied to the system in the company certainly has many advantages. Therefore a lot of SAP for the automotive business that is applied in Indonesia.

Here are some benefits that can be obtained by a company if you use the SAP system.

  • Because the system will become integrated, if one module changes, other related modules will also change automatically. The updated data entered will update all aspects of the system. This kind of thing is known as “real-time processing”.
  • The system can integrate well if the company uses the same central data for customer, product and vendor data.
  • The company will have transparent data, where all data can be accessed by any user registered in the system. The information provided is the most up to date information.
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How to Become an SAP Expert for the Automotive Business

SAP has various types of modules. If someone wants to understand and explore this field, then one person can usually only master one or two fields. SAP is a bit complex and complicated so it is rare to be understood as a whole. Different if it is made with software such as Sap Business One.

SAP consultant or SAP expert is a promising type of work. People who can run SAP have abilities that can usually be placed in important positions in a company.

There are two ways to become an SAP expert, including:

Learn on my own

If you are already an employee in a company and have the task of inputting data into the SAP system, then you are in the early stages of recognizing the system. If the data entered is incorrect or out of place, the system will automatically error.If you are a curious person, you will find out on the internet, books or other sources regarding the module’s functions and settings. This means that you have learned SAP self-taught. With this way of learning, even if you know everything, you will not be able to take the SAP consultant exam. To be able to take the exam, you must have a Certificate of Completion obtained by studying SAP in an official place.

SAP Training

SAP often cooperates with local partners to hold official training. Training can usually be formed face-to-face or online. The difference may be only in terms of price alone, online training is certainly cheaper because it does not require a place and all equipment when face to face. Many institutions that provide SAP education and training in Indonesia that can be followed.The training provided is multilevel, from the basic level to the consultant level. Anyone can study SAP, it can be workers who have worked in their world or students who still do not have experience. By attending teaching and training formally like this, then you will get the opportunity to take the SAP consultant certification exam. But the requirement for the test is that you already have a Certificate of Completion.

What is SAP Business One?