SAP Business One Distribution

STEM Leveraging SAP Business One to Distribution Industry

SAP Business One Add on

Discount & Promotion

Business Case: In distribution very seldom each transaction support different kind of discount scheme.

  • Multiple Discount on Detail Items, Support up to 7 level detail discount
  • Group discount by Item Group, Item, Customer, Customer Group
  • Purchase with purchase item or bonus item. Buy 1 dozen get extra 1 bonus

Mobile Sales Schedule & Attendance

Business Case: Track daily schedule for salesman and monitor the actual salesman activity

  • Assign daily customer visit schedule to each salesman.
  • Integrate schedule between SAP Business One with mobile android application.
  • Track actual sales activities / visit using GPS and/or NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

Payment Collection

Business Case: Track your invoice document and collector with payment status.

  • Record invoice document to each collector
  • Record the payment status for each invoice and collector after daily collection processes
  • Mobile android payment collection recording by collector help faster data input and reconciliation

Mobile Salesman Activities Tracking

Business Case: Salesman as remote work now can record their customer sales order direct on android device,
thus help faster the order processing time.

  • Synchronize master data: Items, Customers and pricing from SAP Business One to android mobile apps
  • Synchronize order status, credit limit, stock availability from SAP Business One
  • Sales Order taking on mobile device
  • Payment receipt on mobile device

SAP Business One

Mobile SAP Distribution Structure

SAP Business One Add On
for Distribution Module

SAP Business One add-on for Distribution Industry is created specifically for Wholesales Distributors. Its cover features needed for this industry, such as: Master Data Management, Advance Pricing and Promotions, Sales Rebate, Purchase Rebate, A/R Collection Process as well as lean warehouse with bin location.

SAP Business One Distribution Scheme

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