SAP Business One
Helps Monitor Your Poultry Farm Quickly & Easily

Manage Daily Activities, Monitor Expense, Body Weight, Mortality, Feed Consumption Ratio (FCR)

A New Solution
to a Perpetual Problem

The monitoring process in a farm (whether chicken, cow, duck, fish, etc.) is very important, so that the costs used can be accurately recorded, so that the actual production costs can be obtained.

To produce maximum yield, the following points are very important to consider in livestock farming, such as:

  • Location and condition of the cage
  • Seed selection
  • Feeding and vitamins
  • How to maintain
  • Harvesting Process

It is very important to be able to monitor the things mentioned above, especially those related to costs incurred.

With the SAP Business One solution that we provide, these things can be analyzed using a mobile integrated with SAP Business One.

  • Analyze the efficiency of feed use

  • Analyze the mortality rate of livestock

  • Analyze the use of vitamins/medicine to the performance of livestock

  • Analyze animal weight

  • Analyze livestock sales

  • Analyze expanse expense (use of petty cash)

  • Record stock of feed, vitamins, medicine and livestock

sap business one indonesia solution for Poultry farm flock using mobile android - by stem SAP Gold Partner Indonesia

Reducing Feed Cost,
Small Amount, Big Benefits

A combination of rising costs for energy and protein feed ingredients and significantly greater price volatility mean the challenge is becoming harder and impacting on margins and profits. Feed cost are the biggest single cost of production and coverage 65% of total production costs.

While it is possible to reduce cost by using cheaper feed ingredients, the outcome is usually down performance on farm. We have deleveloped innovative approach to helping feed compounders meet these challenges by providing a novel solution to the issue of nutrient supply to the animal, especially protein.

SAP Business One Indonesia Flow System for Farm Flock Diagram

SAP Business One helps manage flock performance and egg production planning from the breeder to hatchery. Manage daily transactions and complete cycle from Daily Transactions, Egg Production, and Poultry sale.

SAP Business One Farm Flock Solution for Desktop


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