SAP Business One Add-on Enhancement

SAP Business One was build as a generic solution for all industries (such as manufacturing, retail, trading, etc). With SAP Business One complete functionalities, it has been used by more than 65,000 companies in more than 170 countries.

SAP Business One Add-On Solution

SAP Business One provide the possibility to extend the capability by their partners if needed. So it can be extended to be able to fit in with: specific industry, like Garment or Automotive or Chemical Industry, specific country (Country Localization), like integration with government e-Faktur, or specific to customer’s need, like interface with another system.

VAT (Indonesia Localization)

VAT-Out & VAT-In Recording, integration to Government e-Faktur
Industry: All

Bank Virtual Account

Integrate SAP B1 with Bank Virtual Account to manage automatic incoming payment from customers.
Industry: All

Barcode Printing

Printing item barcode or hazard pictograms directly from SAP Business One.
Industry: Manufacturing, Retail

Weighing Bridge Integration

Integrate weighing bridge with SAP Business One.
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution

Transportation Fee Management

Manage & monitor invoices from transportation vendor.
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution

Commodity & Feedmill

Managing items refraction & integration with weighing scale machine.
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution

Inventory In-Transit

Monitoring item that being transferred between warehouses.
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail


Managing item transformation or for simple production process.
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail

Mobile Warehouse Pick List

Using barcode scanning & mobile device to do pick list in warehouse.
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail

Mobile & Addon for Distribution

Solution for distribution company, to help manage sales ordering & collection process.
◉ Payment collection
◉ Multi Level Discount & Promotion
◉ Sales Target & Schedule
◉ Mobile Ordering
Industry: Manufacturing, Distribution