People Shape Sales Mobile Apps android - Helps track your employees who work outside the office such as sales, technicians, couriers, drivers, etc

People Shape Sales
Helpful Mobile App – Android

People Shape Sales Tracker Apps

People Form of Sales is the modern application to help employees manage optimally. Suitable for sales, technicians, couriers, drivers, audits, etc.

  • Schedule visit
  • Check in and Check Out with Note
  • Track Position
  • Report Routes visited
  • Mileage Report
  • Time Visit Report
  • Broadcast Message to Employees

Detail Features

  • Visit Schedule

    You can schedule visits for employees while providing records to employees.

  • Check-In Check-Out

    Employees can Check-In and Check-Out at customer locations. In addition, employees can record activities at the customer location and add attachments in the form of photos and notes.

  • User Friendly

    The website has interesting Dashboard and User-Friendly. The graph shown is simple but still informative.

  • Time Visit Report

    The website has Time Visit Report, that makes the information check-in and check-out hours with the comparison of check-in location and location of Customer which can be viewed in the form of maps.

  • Complete Route Report

    The website has a complete and informative route transaction report from total routes, visit duration, to unfinished routes.

  • Mileage Report

    Employee Mileage Report from one Customer to another Customer are also presented in a simple and easy to understand. Reports can be saved in PDF or Excel form.

  • Broadcast Message

    Another very useful feature is Broadcast Messages to employees. In addition, you can send messages to certain employees.


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