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Best SAP Consultant

Sterling Team (STEM) is the best SAP Consultant in Indonesia that helps customers overcome increasingly complex needs and challenges in managing their businesses. We understand that the success of a company requires attention to competitive prices, quality products, innovation, and innovative services to provide the optimal shopping experience for customers.

With expertise and experience as SAP Consultants, we have successfully developed various optimal business process models and procedures for our clients. We focus on delivering measurable business value through the implementation of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems in client companies.

SAP Consultant vs SAP Implementor

What Makes Us Different?

We are an ERP consulting company that not only focuses on the installation and use of systems, but beyond that, we are committed to providing real added value to our clients. We believe in the principle that an ERP consultant should be able to improve and enhance the client’s condition, not just complete specific tasks.

Definition of ERP Consultant According to Alan Weiss

In his famous book, “Million Dollar Consulting,” Alan Weiss provides a very relevant definition: “A consultant is someone who provides value through specialized expertise, content, behavior, skill, or other resources to assist a client in improving the status quo in return for mutually agreed-upon compensation. A consultant improves the client’s condition.”

We Are ERP Consultants

We are ERP consultants committed to providing added value to our clients. We work with you to understand your goals, design suitable solutions, and assist you in improving your operational efficiency. We are your partner on the journey towards successful ERP implementation.

Don’t Just Choose an Implementer, Choose a Consultant

So, the question is, do you need an ERP Consultant or just an ERP Implementer? If you want more than just system installation, if you want significant improvements in your business condition, then the right choice is to work with us as ERP Consultants. We are committed to helping you achieve success and providing real added value.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss how we can assist you in your ERP implementation project, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to work with you to achieve outstanding results. Thank you for visiting our page!

SAP Business One Implementation

The success of new IT system implementation are depends on organization and users readiness to adopt changes, selected IT system which will be implemented and the Consultant whose will help on the implementation proses. Implementation process is the most important step in the proses of IT system changes, meanwhile the IT system selection process that fit to the industry and company business process is also playing an important role.

We adopt SAP Business One implementation methodology combine with our experience in local Indonesia and the needs from customers. e.g.: we check user readiness after training by doing exam, and hope we have a clear signal if the user understand and ready to Go live or need more training. Below are SAP Business One implementation phases in summary: Project Preparation – Blueprint – Realization – Go Live Preparation – Go Live – Support

Project Preparation – Includes scheduling, resource allocation, preparation of the organization for changes

Blueprint – Discussion and documentation of current business processes and changes in the future, mapping users requirements to business process and SAP Business One

Realization – SAP Business One configuration, testing testing and testing, data preparation by the user

Go Live Preparation – User training, final preparation for master data and balance

Go Live – New system used by users

Support – After go live support to handle technical issues

The LARGEST SAP Business One
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