SAP Maintenance for Corporate and Business Asset Solutions

sap maintenance for corporate and business asset solution

SAP Maintenance is one of the most effective solutions in maintaining your assets. Assets that must be used in the production process can be more durable and more durable. So by using SAP Maintenance, you can use your assets as a tool to support your production to be used and utilized to the maximum and greatly benefit you.

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However, in using SAP Business One you also need to understand some of the activities carried out in SAP maintenance. You must know it because it will be your provision in carrying out SAP Maintenance in your company.
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Activities in conducting SAP Maintenance

Here are some reviews of various activities that you can do to maintain assets using SAP Maintenance:

  1. Inspection

    The first is an inspection. In this activity, you must determine all the steps that determine the actual condition of the assets of the technical system so you can know how your assets are. In this activity, you must properly examine the various assets that you have so that they can be reported in a clear and clear manner.

  2. Preventive Maintenance

    The next activity is preventive maintenance which becomes an important activity to protect the factual condition of your assets from the technical system. This maintenance is very important to use because, with this activity, you can make the company’s assets better maintained.

  3. Repair / Corrective Maintenance

    Next is the repair or corrective maintenance activity which in Indonesian is a step to repair or correct. If you have already discussed the activities to check and also maintain assets, then in this activity you are required to repair the damaged system or correct the assets used in your production process.

  4. Maintenance Organization

    In carrying out SAP maintenance, you must also create an organization to carry out these activities. You can run it easily if there is a separate team in running this one maintenance system. Typically, this maintenance organization consists of a planning plant, a planner group, and also a maintenance work centre.

  5. Technical Object Management

    The next activity is technical object management which is an activity to manage an object technically. Usually, these activities include activities to determine the functional location, equipment for production, the bill of material used, a catalogue that contains objects, causes, and damage and finally is classification and characteristics.

  6. Maintenance Order Management

    The next activity is maintenance order management which is a management activity which is used to make maintenance purchases, notifications, planning dates, material and resources for personnel, checking inventory supplies, checking budget availability, scheduling, release, maintenance execution, purchasing confirmation, completing purchase engineering, procurement processing which includes services and materials, settlement processing and so on.

  7. Preventive Maintenance Processing

    The next activity is preventive maintenance processing which has several activities, for example, maintenance of task list, maintenance plan, scheduling of preventive maintenance and scheduling overview which contains lists and graphs.

  8. Refurbishment Processing

    Next is refurbishing processing which has activities such as equipment installing and also dismantling, scrap, the strength of goods movement material with valuation type, and the last is order refurbishment management.

  9. Equipment Measurement Record

    The next strength is the equipment measurement record activity which has activities such as measuring points and also measuring documents.

  10. Plant Maintenance Information System

    The next activity is the plant maintenance information system which has activities such as planner group analysis, cost analysis, breakdown analysis, location analysis, technical object analysis, cause you to damage analysis, MTTR / MTBF, and preparing all selection reports.


So to do SAP Maintenance you need to know some strengths that can be done to maintain your Asset maintenance. By knowing this, you can maintain your assets well so that they can be used for company operations for a long period of time. Your assets can be used for a long time. So, your company’s operations can run effectively and also more efficiently. Hopefully, some of the information above can be useful for you and other readers.