Secrets to Successful ERP Implementation

Jakarta, Wednesday 8 December 2010, Shangri-la Hotel. The annual sterling-team seminar we just passed yesterday took the topic “Secrets to Successful ERP Implementation, why does the new IT system fail?” leaving a lot of Homework for us to reflect on.

The input we received from the speakers, the participants who attended made the event yesterday very rich in ideas and thoughts so that an ERP project can produce something as expected and not end in disappointment.

We represent the entire Sterling-Team to express our gratitude to SAP Indonesia, IBM Indonesia and Aprindo (Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association) for supporting this event. Without them this event would not have taken place.

Most importantly, to all participants who are willing to attend, spend valuable time. We are very grateful for your generosity to discuss with our team during the breakfast and lunch sessions. We believe there are many shortcomings in organizing this event, so we apologize if there are things that are less pleasing and we will be happy to open this forum so that we can share with each other which in turn can continue to add and sharpen our insights into all of the ERP system and the challenge.


nb: This year’s seminar is a continuation of previous year’s seminars. Jul 2008, taking the theme “Reap Greater Profits in a Tough and Competitive Business Environment, the launching of SAP Business One with iReap (Integrated Retail Application) add-on”. Nov 2009, taking the theme “Do We Really Need an ERP System ?, a CEO of the Forum For Retail Companies