December in the life of ERP Consultants

Unnoticed we are already on the 2nd week of December 2010, for most of us the end of the year is the long-awaited moment, it’s holiday season. Planning a long vacation, or just resting after almost a year of activity .

Office activities in general also declined a lot, more filled with evaluation and planning meetings for 2011. We hope that the long year-end vacation can also occur in the professional life of the ERP Consultant.

For ERP consultants, the end of the year is the most important time, and certainly the busiest (if you don’t want to be called the most “stressful”). This is because most ERP implementation projects that begin around July-September will end in December. This means that the projects will be Go-Live on January 1 of the new year, of course we are saved by holidays on every January 1. At least the new system, will only be used on January 2 by users / Users .

Often when the project starts we always propose that the new go-live system target is not on 1 January, but on 1 December of the same year or 1 February of a new year (The goal is clear so we can end the year). But almost always companies want a new system starting January 1 of the new year, the reason is that with the new system starting on January 1, at the end of the next year data for 1 year is already available in full in the new system. Another thing is if we go live on February 1, which means reporting for that year will only be available for 11 months (Feb-Dec).

Because most project implementation targets are on Jan 1, it means December is the most critical period in the entire project. December is the Testing period (which usually starts from November), User Training , and the most “exciting” is the data migration period which is the most important part of the Cut-Over Strategy (We will try to share this Strategy in a separate section). Data migration ( Data Migration ) is a period of moving data from the old system to the new system, whether by manual data entry , or with the help of the Upload system . Data migration includes Master data such as Customer data, Supplier data, Product data, and Formulation data for manufacturing companies.

With so many activities, an ERP consultant must think carefully and arrange the schedule well in advance (generally will not be allowed by the Project Manager :)) if we want a long holiday at the end of the year. Of course the client is not much different because in many cases the final project activities in December must be carried out by the client, such as the preparation of the Master Data, and in many projects the end of December is used to calculate physical stock (Stock Name).

With cooperation and hard work, December became the most exciting month . Thank you to everyone involved in Sterling-team, you are the best and keep up the good work.

Sterling-Team (don’t forget to take lots of vitamins)