Benefits of using an ERP system (Part 4)

The third benefit to be gained by using an ERP system after Direct Saving Cost (Part 2) and Better Information Quality (Part 3) is Increasing Team Productivity.

3. Increase Team Productivity

a. Faster and easier access to information (Easier & Faster access to Information)

with the use of an integrated ERP system, team work in the process of finding information becomes easier and faster so that work time becomes more efficient.

b. Reduces the error rate (Minimize Mistakes)

Centralized data processing makes data entry carried out by each concerned so as to avoid repetitive data entry. This ultimately reduces the error rate.

c. Work Standardization

The use of ERP systems makes the work process more structured and standard so that the quality of work does not depend on the user’s personal.

d. Optimization of employee costs (Optimized labor costs)

By decreasing the error rate and increasing the quality of work and information produced by the company, the work of each team becomes more qualified. The change from clerical work to information analysis work for decision making.