Benefits of using an ERP system (Part 3)

Benefits of Using Besides the economic profit factor (part 2) that can be calculated Direct Saving Cost obtained for using an ERP system, there are other advantages. ERP system (part 3)

2. Information Quality (Information Quality)
By using an ERP system that integrates every department, we will get better quality of information than before.
a. Improve Data Accuracy ( Increase Data Accuracy )
With an integrated system, the transaction data entry process or the master data update process becomes less. for example the Sales department enters the Sales Order data, this sales order data will then be used by the warehouse to make deliveries. With data that is inputted only once and is used by several departments, it will automatically improve the accuracy of the company’s data.

b. Increase Control (Increase Control)
Supervision Process ( Control ) provided by the system, such as the Warehouse can not receive goods from suppliers without a Purchase Order from the Purchase. Thus the data information in the warehouse and the amount of the company’s debt can be accurate.

c. Faster information availability
The quality of information that is better / accurate must certainly be obtained in a faster time. so that with fast and accurate information better decisions can be made.

d. Minimize Rework
With a system that is not integrated many activities are repeated. For example, the warehouse must update the warehouse stock data, as well as the accounting, and do not miss the sales. Also generally the process of making reports can be different using the same information, with an ERP system all of this can be minimized so as to make work more efficient.

e. Simplify error finding (Easier to recover from mistakes).
When an irregularity is discovered in a transaction, the tracing process can be easily and quickly carried out. so that repairs can be done quickly which makes the quality of information better.