Logistic company “IDExpress” leveraging SAP Business One

Customer Success Story Management Logistic PT IDExpress Service Solution (IDExpress)

Now, when all businesses have moved faster and faster to go online and everyone can have their own business, speed and accuracy in carrying out logistics management is one of the absolutely necessary things.

Seeing this, from the very beginning the company established, the management of PT IDExpress Service Solution (IDExpress) has planned strategies so that the company’s vision and mission in helping industries in Indonesia can be achieved and executed well.

The use of the concept of decentralization in the shipping industry is one of the strategies implemented with the hope of reducing shipping time and costs.

In addition, management also sees the need to apply the use of leading technologies that can help the company’s operations run well.

The robotic system, commonly known as an Automated Guided Vehicle, is used to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of logistics management.

The system is not only needed to manage logistical operations (front end system), but also includes a system that helps with day-to-day operations both at the head office and at branch offices (back end system). PT IDExpress Service Solution needs a system that can keep pace with the company’s business growth.

The IDExpress team also conducts analysis and review to determine what ERP system is capable of meeting the company’s needs. in the present and have the scalability to follow company growth in the future.

From this analysis and review, IDExpress decided SAP Business One as the right ERP system. Because in addition to being able to meet the current operational needs of the company, SAP Business One is also seen as having scalability to keep up with company developments in the future.

PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang (STEM) as Gold Partner for SAP Business One has the honor of being selected as a trusted consultant in implementing the SAP Business One.

PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang, with the experience it have in helping implement SAP Business One in companies in Indonesia, synergizes with the PT IDExpress Service Solution team who have experience in their respective fields in this implementation project.

We are very grateful to have this honor, not only because we can help IDExpress, but also for the opportunity to get to know the IDExpress team which consists of many young people who have enthusiasm, creative ideas and high enthusiasm.

Congratulations to PT IDExpress Service Solution for its success in the SAP Business One implementation process. We wish for its success for now and can always serve other companies with its best, which in the end will further advance the Indonesian economy.