FREE iREAP Lite POS on Android

Sterling Team proudly unveils our latest creation iREAP lite POS App on Google Play. The App is a FREE Application intended to help Micro/Small Shop owners to run and manage their shop operation. It comes with handy functionalities such as sales and inventory transactions as well as reports for each independence store.
Our hope is that by using this technology, micro shop owners can better manage their business and hence ultimately grow their business.

This initiative is a way for us to contribute back to society using our talents and experiences. We strongly believe that just as we enjoy the growth of our business, we ought to try to make meaning on what we do.

Sincere thanks to all our loyal customers who are indeed part of this initiative. Without your support, it is impossible for us to realize our dream.

Should you have any input or concern, please drop us email to
iREAP Lite POS can be downloaded from Google Play Store or