Some Statement About SAP Training

Some Statement About SAP Training

SAP is one of the ERP applications that currently is still the best application. There are no other ERP applications that have beaten SAP. SAP has proven to make a company can carry out various operations easily. However, many people who want to use SAP but do not know how it works. In addition, many employees do not know about SAP even though it is very important. So, many institutions make various SAP training to be useful for companies and other professional workers.

There are some things that people often ask about this SAP training. However, everything will be discussed here through the following summary:

What is SAP Training?

SAP Training is one of the training specializing in training that specifically discusses SAP or ERP applications which are now widely used by companies and business fields. This training is usually done because more and more people are aware of the importance of SAP in the scope of business and companies.

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At present, the SAP system is indeed more desirable than other ERP applications. This is because SAP is a very complete application and application that can be used to facilitate the processing of a company and business. Therefore, many companies and institutions hold training so that companies and businesses in Indonesia can improve.

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How Much Does It Cost to Pay for SAP?

To get knowledge is not free. The costs provided by the training providers vary, some are cheap and some are expensive. This is usually influenced by many factors. These factors include the quality of the material, the material in question is how broad the knowledge about SAP is given and studying this one application can not be for a moment so that if more material is given it will also be more expensive.
In addition, there are also external factors such as places booked for training, consumption, documentation, certification and much more. the better the quality of the training, consumption, documentation and also the certification, the costs incurred will also be even greater.

How much time is used to learn SAP?

The amount of time spent studying SAP is also very relative. There are people who once attended the training can immediately understand, but there are also people who have to take part in several exercises before they can understand the material provided by the trainer. When learning SAP, you must be in good condition and focused so that the material can be entered more.

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Furthermore, in training usually done for approximately 2 to 6 hours. And usually also done in a few days can be done from 4 days there are also up to 12 days just finished in a duration of about 30 minutes.

Is SAP Learning Very Difficult to Understand?

Difficult or not the material provided about SAP is a relative thing. If you do have a brain that can understand things easily then learning about SAP will also go deeper into the brain and will be easy to understand. But there are also those who need several times to understand.
In addition, the coach is also very influential on your understanding. if you use a coach who has an easy learning concept then you too will be easier to understand, but if the trainer lacks experience it will also be difficult to understand.


To know SAP as a whole, you need various things to be able to understand it better. One way to understand SAP is to take part in SAP Traning, which is usually carried out by several organizers both in Indonesia and abroad. Many people want to use SAP Business One for their company but do not understand how SAP is really. Therefore, many institutions make training on SAP so that many will understand and can make a company’s operations better.