SAP is the abbreviation of ?

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Have you ever heard of SAP? SAP is an abbreviation of System Application and Processing. If you hear the word SAP, you will immediately think about ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning.

Basically, ERP is a system formed with the aim of carrying out operational support in a company’s business. So that a company can work effectively and achieve the goals of the company.

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What exactly is SAP’s relationship with ERP?

Maybe you are wondering what exactly is the relationship between SAP and ERP. Basically, ERP systems existed before the SAP system. However, most companies more than 50% use SAP as an ERP system.

This can be seen from the development of companies in the world, especially in Asian countries who take action to implement SAP in a business. When companies switch to using SAP, this can increase their needs and opportunities to increase professional power in a company.

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Development of SAP in Indonesia

After you understand about what is SAP, then next make sure to understand the development of SAP. Most companies in Indonesia use the SAP system. For example, there are several types of companies such as Astra International, Toyota, Bentoel Prima, Aqua, Telkomsel, and several other large companies in Indonesia.

Because the company understands that SAP or System Application and Processing is a system that is quite important and plays a significant role. In Indonesia alone, SAP has been known since 1996. Which, the first company to use SAP was Astra International. Along with the times, this SAP has significant and broad progress.
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What are the Impacts or Implications of SAP?

Most of you must be curious about the effects of SAP. Basically, when a company implements SAP, this will result in several things. Some of these include the following:

  1. Perform Data Update
    When SAP makes changes to a module, this will automatically cause the module to update. However, this update can be done when the existing information has changed in the previous data. The module will not update if the existing data does not undergo a change. Which, the data will be updated automatically when users input data located in the system. So, this term is often known as real-time processing.
  2. Get System Integration
    The impact produced by SAP is being able to get an integrated system. SAP stands for System Application and Processing. If you want your system to get integration, then make sure that the entire company owns and uses one source with another. Okay, that data can be about customers, product data, vendors, and some other data.
  3. Obtaining Transparency Data
    If you use this system, you will get the advantage of transparent data that is on the system. Of course, this data will help you in getting every information you need and the most interesting. On the other hand, you can also easily input data quickly and effectively.

Basically, when you decide to choose SAP, you will find various modules. This module will later provide its own benefits for you, especially if you have a company. The number of modules owned by SAP will indirectly help in creating opportunities for a company.

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However, one SAP person is only able to master 1 to 2 fields related to SAP. For example, when you find a finance person, you will get that person who can only focus on 1 or 2 modules. Rarely will you find anyone who masters more than 2 modules?

SAP becomes an important system for you. SAP stands for System Application and Processing to be a part that should not be forgotten by every company, especially large companies. Thus, the company will get high profits.