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Category: ERP Indonesia

Surabaya Seminar : 8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation

8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation
Why New IT System Fail?
Surabaya, 17 Oktober 2017, 08:00 – 13:00
Garden Palace Hotel

Surabaya Seminar : 8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation Surabaya Seminar : 8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation with Djoko Kurniawan Surabaya Seminar : 8 Tips Successful IT System Implementation with PT Sterling Tulus Cemerlang - STEM

Are you currently considering implementing a new IT system? or replace your existing IT system, because it is not in fit anymore with the needs of your company?

APKOMINDO Mendukung Software iREAP POS Buatan Indonesia – 2016

APKOMINDO mendukung software ireappos buatan indonesia

APKOMINDO (Asosiasi Pengusaha Komputer Indonesia) terus mendukung para pengembang Indonesia terutama yang berkonsentrasi mendukung pertumbuhan Usaha Mikro Kecil Menengah (UMKM). Salah satunya adalah produk iREAP POS Lite yang pada hari Rabu, tanggal 25 Mei 2016 melakukan peluncuran produknya karena telah berhasil mencapai lebih dari 100.000 Pengunduhan.

Changing Systems is not an IT Project!!!

[:en]In the last few months, I met potential clients who have plans to replace their existing IT Systems. Based on our discussions, I have gathered a few common things that worry me and am thus compelled to share these for the benefit of others.

Our potential clients feel that changing to a new system is not easy and would often fail to achieve the objectives. Out of curiosity, I would always inquire about their thoughts on what the reasons could be.

In general, they blame the systems for being in compatible with the business (inflexible system). Some also expressed concerns regarding the lack of industry experience of the consultants/implementers.

For every “failed project” or “project with many challenges”, there is one similarity observed: these projects are managed by an IT Manager or an EDP Manager.

Freemium in Retail Using Information Technology – 2015

(Majalah Ritel Indonesia – Ed Maret 2015)
Andy Djojo Budiman
Co-founder & Partner STEM – SAP Partner (

On the 3 November 2014, our office introduced a cashier application that can be used for mobile devices which we call iREAP Android LITE POS. This application is part of our corporate social responsibility program to micro and personal retailer. Because this is part of the CSR program, we distribute this program free of charge and without advertising. This application can be downloaded directly on Google Play.

ERP System Implementation in Retail Business

(Majalah Ritel Indonesia – Ed September 2014)
Andy Djojo Budiman
Co-founder & Partner STEM – SAP Partner (

A friend in the community told me that he was upset with one of the provider of the application/software. He believed that the application he bought at high prices was unusable.

We often hear the parable above. There’s a lot of entrepreneur that were disappointed with the software provider and likewise, the provider feels that the requirement from the entrepreneur would often change.

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