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TESTING, TESTING and TESTING – 8 Keys to Successful ERP System Implementation

Testing is a very important and critical activity in the ERP implementation process. At this stage, after the prospective user project team understands how to use the system.

So, one of the keys so that we can successfully implement the ERP system, we must do the testing completely and correctly.

System testing is especially important when we do custom development, if the system is made specifically for your needs, it means that the system has never been used by anyone at all.

Therefore, the time needed to prepare for testing must be more than when we buy applications that are available in the market.

ARE ALL POTENTIAL USERS READY ? – 8 Keys to Successful ERP System Implementation

We can test the readiness of the ERP system and data during training and especially testing, but the last question is whether our prospective users are ready or not?

Generally, not all potential users are involved in ERP implementation projects. For example, when your company wants to use SAP Business One, you have 100 potential new users, but maybe only about 20 people will be involved in the organization and activities of the SAP Business One implementation project.

Starting a Business With the Right Device and Cashier Application

In this covid-19 pandemic condition, more and more people are trying to start a personal business both online and offline. Many think about how to start a business with as little capital as possible. One aspect that is considered is the use of a device to record transactions.

What Is a Point of Sale (POS) System?

Point of Sale (POS) can be called a modern cashier application that is software used by stores to help transactions like cash register machines at retail stores. But its use is more sophisticated than a cash register, a POS system is used to record sales, record orders for goods, help calculate profits per item sold, record goods receipts, inventory calculations, store expenses, and calculate store net profit.

Some Statement About SAP Training

SAP is one of the ERP applications that currently is still the best application. There are no other ERP applications that have beaten SAP. SAP has proven to make a company can carry out various operations easily. However, many people who want to use SAP but do not know how it works. In addition, many employees do not know about SAP even though it is very important. So, many institutions make various SAP training to be useful for companies and other professional workers.

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