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The Importance of SAP for Distribution Companies

Lots of companies use the sap system. Almost companies in the world use the sap system. Such as Indonesian sap used by companies in Indonesia. Then the sap for distribution companies is one of them. Because it makes it easy for an activity within a company.

Distribution Company

A distribution company is a company that engages in buying goods from producers and then resells them or can be interpreted simply as a company whose job is to bridge between producers and consumers.

5 Advantages of SAP Hana You Need to Know

SAP Hana Enterprise 1.0 is a platform in-memory computing by combining SAP database software into a pre-tuned-based server. In addition, SAP is also designed to support the transactional and analytic processes in real-time.

How does HANA work?

HANA is designed to easily mimic structured data on SAP and non SAP database applications, relational and other platforms.

SAP Business One Strengths and Weaknesses for Companies

SAP Business One Strengths and Weaknesses – When the world economy is increasing, not a few companies are looking for architectural weaknesses in the information systems they use. Many entrepreneurs also buy ERP technology or planning systems to manage various kinds of business processes within the organization, including human resources, accounting, to purchasing on an integrated system.

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