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Langkah-langkah dalam Implementasi Sistem ERP (Bag 2)

Setelah melalui Langkah Pertama (memilih ERP produk/software), selanjutnya adalah melakukan pemilihan partner dalam melakukan implementasi. Pada umumnya perusahaan memerlukan bantuan pihak luar dalam melakukan implementasi ERP sistem, yang dalam hal ini bertindak sebagai Implementor atau Consultant untuk produk ERP yang akan kita gunakan.

STEM Sharing Session – Secrets to Successful ERP Implementation

STEM - Sharing Session - Secrets to Successful ERP Implementation David Waworuntu - Director Eonchemicals Putra Rudy R.J Sumampouw - Sekretaris Jenderal DPP Aprindo Andy Djojo Budiman - Consultant STEM Toni Djunaidi - Partner Manager SAP Indonesia STEM - Team

Secrets to Successful ERP Implementation
Why New IT Systems Fail ?
A Sharing Session

Jakarta, December 8th 2010

Most business owners and C’level management have basic understanding about Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems. They know that ERP systems enable their business to run faster and better by streamlining business processes and reducing inefficiencies as well as providing them with accurate data for analysis and decision making. More and more companies have turned to ERP Systems to support their current operations and future growth, particularly in this highly competitive business environment. Not implementing it means losing the opportunities to earn and save more which is especially true when the business grows bigger and more complex.

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