Help Track Your Employees Who Work  Outside The Office Such as Sales, Technicians, Couriers, Drivers, etc using mobile gps tracker mytrack

MyTrack Maps RC
Helpful Mobile App – Android

Apakah anda memiliki usaha yang melibatkan pengiriman barang dan kurir? Ingin mengetahui posisi terakhir kurir? Kami hadir memberikan solusi.

Tanpa menggunakan alat GPS anda dapat melacak dimana posisi terakhir kurir. Cukup dengan menggunakan aplikasi MyTrack Anda dapat mengubah smartphone menjadi GPS Tracker. Mytrack merupakan suatu aplikasi untuk membantu melakukan pelacakan dan monitoring posisi terakhir kurir. Anda dapat memonitor pengiriman menggunakan aplikasi Mytrack melalui website dan aplikasi android

  • Smartphone menjadi GPS Tracker
  • Lokasi Realtime
  • Melacak posisi terakhir
  • Laporan rute yang ditempuh kendaraan
  • Laporan status kendaraan
  • Laporan perjalanan kendaraan
  • Laporan titik berhenti kendaraan beserta durasi

Detail Features

  • Smartphone GPS Tracker

    You can schedule visits for employees while providing records to employees.

  • Lokasi Realtime

    Employees can Check-In and Check-Out at customer locations. In addition, employees can record activities at the customer location and add attachments in the form of photos and notes.

  • Melacak Posisi Terakhir

    The website has interesting Dashboard and User-Friendly. The graph shown is simple but still informative.

  • Laporan Tempuh Kendaraan

    The website has Time Visit Report, that makes the information check-in and check-out hours with the comparison of check-in location and location of Customer which can be viewed in the form of maps.

  • Laporan Status Kendaraan

    The website has a complete and informative route transaction report from total routes, visit duration, to unfinished routes.

  • Laporan Perjalanan Kendaraan

    Employee Mileage Report from one Customer to another Customer are also presented in a simple and easy to understand. Reports can be saved in PDF or Excel form.

  • Laporan Titik Berhenti Kendaraan

    Another very useful feature is Broadcast Messages to employees. In addition, you can send messages to certain employees.

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