SAP Business One Retail Solution - iREAP (Integrated Retail Application)

iREAP – Integrated Retail Application

A complete Retail solution for you, Runs on 1000 POS stations over 2000 stores, Managed over 2 million articles, Seamless integration with SAP Systems

iREAP – Integrated Retail Application

Retail is Detail, Execution is critical and is particularly difficult to do because of all the details. Managing the details therefore very important and is certainly crucial in order to obtain accurate and timely information for better decision making process. iReap is a complete Retail solutions developed by STEM based on numerous SAP Retail Implementations and frequent interactions with prominent retail players. iReap (stands for Integrated Retail Application) is our flagship product which consists of several modules suitable for various forms of Retail Business. Our Solution has been used in supermarkets, convenience stores, fashion boutiques, electronic stores as well as cafe/restaurants.

iREAP consists of several modules:

  • iREAP for SAP Business One (SAP Business One for Retail) is an add-on solutions for Retail Industry

  • iREAP POS (Point of Sale) is a desktop POS application fully integrated to SAP as POS

  • iREAP POS (Point of Sale) Web is a web POS design for Sales Counter, web POS application fully integrated to SAP as POS

iREAP for Business One (SBO)

STEM Collaboration with SAP, deliver solution for small and medium retail companies. IReap for SAP Business One (B1) runs as SAP B1 add-ons, it’s offers special functionalities for retailer such as:

  • Retail Master Data Management
  • Merchandise Assortment
  • Retail Sales and Promotion
  • Consignment Sales
  • Consignment Purchase
  • SAP (POS) Point of Sale Connector
  • Intercompany Retail Transaction

iREAP Point of Sales

SterlingTeam has developed standardized POS (Point of Sale) application which is based on compiled requirements from our clients and years of experience in successully delivering the Front End Retail Solution to different type of retail channel stores. with our expertise in SAP All in One (A1) and SAP Business One (B1), iReap POS incorporate SAP Functionalities into our POS Application.

Our Solution runs on various type of Retail Stores Model :

  • Retail Chain Store Model
  • Department Store Model
  • Retail Supermarket Model
  • Retail Food & Beverage Model
  • Retail Mini Market Model


iREAP POS (Point of Sale) Web is a web POS design for Sales Counter, web POS application fully integrated to SAP as POS
  • ireap web pos sample
  • ireap web pos daily sales report
  • ireap web pos phsical inventory
  • ireap web pos sales

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